Does this sound like a good plan?
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    Does this sound like a good plan?

    Hi, I'm Sam. I haven't DEPed in yet because of my parents unrelenting ability to NOT sign the papers. I turn 18 all the way in May 25 of next year and I really want to join sooner. They can't seem to understand why I want to do this. I still go to the DEP meetings with my friend who is DEPed in. He goes here, usernames Flyboy11, or something along those lines.

    Anyway, to the point. Is this following plan not a good one?

    Join Reserves. Stay at my parents house (Jacksonville, not very far from Mayport). Do whatever MOS training I need. Go to college.

    The thing is, Room and Board is free (since my parents said they won't charge rent). College is free (parents paid tuition AND the Marine Corps would also pay some). I don't need to work (extra money from Bright Futures [scholarship here in Florida] would go to my bank.

    Yet my parents still believe I CANNOT juggle reserves and college. I go to school right now for about 35 hours a week. I also have a job and afterschool activities. Being in reserves, I'd go meet up with my unit..what is it? Once or twice a month? I'd go to college for about...12-13 hours a week? All that extra time is either spent studying, working out...or ME time...

    Yet, again, my parents believe that going to college (without joining) and maintaining a regular, probably full-time job is the better way to go.

    Am I being ignorant to my parents or is this really a good idea?

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    The ChiefisIN,

    Logic sounds right to me. If college is in the works, you may want to look into MECEP as well.

    Good Luck.

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    Do you sign up for MECEP before or after college? All I know is that my recruiter mentioned something about applying for PLC after my Freshman year.

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    Belay my last.

    I meant you should look into Officer programs to include MECEP, Platoon Leaders Course, ROTC, etc. if that is of interest.

    I don't have the specific intel you need, but there are those on here that do...and you can also try the official Marine site:

    I apologise for my initial response being so limited in scope. Only you can know for sure what program works best for you, if that is an interest....

    Good Luck.

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    Thanks for that link. It looks like there is a wealth of information. I just wish I could get my parents on board for this. I'm trying my hardest to convince my parents that this is what I want to do with my life and I'm doing it when I turn 18 regardless of whether or not they sign now. It just seems to me that things would be easier if they signed now. Earlier ship date...I can start college...well...almost right away. Man, parents.

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    There are countless people in college that are also in the reserves or National Guard. Plenty of people do it, you can too. However, you do need to consider that it will probably take you longer to graduate, because there is a very real chance of being deployed at some point during your college years. If that isn't a problem for you- then your plan looks good.

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    I have no problems of being deployed and serving my country. I'd be a madman for joining the Marines and thinking that I would not get deployed. However, I could also continue my classes via interwebs.

    How long is the average deployment nowadays? I know it used to be about 1.5 years...then my friend said around 7 months...any news on that?

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    Whats up man this is Justin I met you at the last PT. Good luck with your parents man, I cant say that I have the same problem as you because im 19. Show them this is what you want to do regardless if they sign or not. Tell them your going to do it anyway so might as well do you a favor and help you get on track as early as you can. Good luck

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    Hey Justin. You were the guy Richard gave a ride to, right? Anyway, I've tried that. Don't know how well it works. I mean, they seem more on board now, much more than later. I'll try again, I want to see if I can get a meeting with them and with Sergeant Golat by Monday.

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    Thinking you can take classes while deployed to a combat zone is overly optimistic. Deployment do seem to be about 7 months right now- but as a reservist you have to factor in the pre-deployment training, so I'd look at closer to a year.

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    Hey Chief..I can say that because I am Native American!!! LOL! Anyway, without knowin your situation completely...have you asked your parents why they think you can't do what you think you can do? There has to be a reason...I don't want to discourage you from enlisting...thats a man's decision. But, maybe your parents think you need just a little more time to think things through or mature just a little bit more. If my parents were so supportive in letting me live rent free after 18 and paying for my colege...I'd listen to them a little better because I'd believe they knew me a little better than I know myself! Have a heart to heart with them and find the bottom reasoning they have for not signing the papers for you. No one is saying you can't join...just not right now. The Corps will be here and think about this,,,you'll be a little better too...more time to work out and run! These kinds of decisions shouldn't be done on the spur of the moment just because your friends are doing it. Believe me, I understand whats happening and I think you have a great plan...but wouldn't it be better if you had your parents behind everything you do? You'll need them if you believe that or not.

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    Why do you want to join the Marine Corps or try to be accepted into the officer program?

    What are your priorities?

    You have a game plan and you are under age to join without consent. Are you wanting to join for the education benefits? As the CPL stated if you go on a 6 month float to the Orient or Med you may have professors on board for college classes you can sign up for and be accredited for a major college. Or you may have time for on line classes.

    In harms way in the Middle East this type of education should be the furthest thing from your mind.

    Your primary MOS would denote where your reserve unit would be and what your mission would be.

    According to your profile you are in the AFROTC in H.S. this sounds like a program that your parents support. I know that they feel that you are not in harms way...well maybe not, but with H.S. these days you can't tell. So without knowing I would venture to say that your family supports the military.This is a cruel world and even though you are in a safe environment of home life, in a minute the world can turn to chaos and all in the world can be in a crucial situation.

    When you turn 18 and graduate H.S. you can do as you please in regards to enlisting.I would have the recruiter speak to your parents if they are open to this. Many minds have been changed and the pride of seeing a son or daughter march across the grinder after graduating and becoming a United States Marine have turned many parents around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom Blooper

    Why do you want to join the Marine Corps or try to be accepted into the officer program?

    What are your priorities?
    Why do I want to join the Marines and be an officer? I sincerely want to give back to my country after it has given so much to my family. My grandfather was a big patriot and I want to follow suit. I don't want him to look down at me from Heaven's Gates and see that I am doing nothing. I chose the Marine Corps because of the comraderie and the challenge of getting in. Myself being a part of one of the smallest minority groups in the world (Mother is Jewish and Father is Muslim...divorced...obviously), I want to belong to another small minority of the Armed Forces. Not to mention I love challenges.

    My priorities? First, finish High School. Biggie right there but a real easy accomplishment. Second, prepare myself physically for Boot Camp (this goes along with finishing High School as both are happening at the same time). Finally, finish college and become an officer.

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