Another question on jobs.
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    Another question on jobs.

    I'm torn between Infantry, Military Police and Security Force. What I want to do is do 2 or 3 terms in the Marine Corps then try and do SWAT. So my question is whitch one of those (If any) would be better training for SWAT after I get out? All 3 of those I want to do and any of them would be fine with me for a job but I want a job that will help me with SWAT. I'm sure any of those would prepare me to join but what would be best because i've wanted to do SWAT for quite a while now. So any answer is much appreciated and thank you in advance

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    What I want to do is do 2 or 3 terms in the Marine Corps

    Brandon1, in the Marine Corps it is not college we don't do semesters or terms. Any of the MOS's above will probally get you in a police department. From what I have been reading on this site..SWAT is not automatic you have to be selected. There are plenty of former and active law enforcements that can answer this question for you. Sgt Zulu comes to mind.

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    Yeah my bad just the only word that came to mind I knew I was going to get nailed for it Selected....hmm I always thought you put in an app or something but now I know i'm wrong lol.

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    Brandon, I'm currently a Correction Captain and have been a Special Response Team Commander for about 7 years and believe me when I say this...if youhave the fortitude of just being a have the beginning qualifications to become a SWAT officer. It doesn't depend on your past MOS or anything as ALL Marines are trained as riflemen first! Your best experience is how you solve prblems without being carried away or letting youself go while carrying out your duties as a Marine or a SWAT officer. If you want to be in Law Enforcement, I'd advise you to look into the MP's, some guys are just born to do this type of wok as with all jobs and careers. Just keep your mind ...and options... open.

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    When I talk to my recruiter i'll be asking him questions about this as well but I still greatly appreciate your answers because they are very informative and help me out A LOT! If I do go Infantry I wanted to be a Infantry Unit Leader because I have been told that I am a natural born leader. I dont really think so I just have fun lol but i'm serious when it comes down to it. Another question...To be a Infantry Unit Leader does one have to be a SGT or what? I looked on that About Military page but I didnt see anything that had requirements for it.

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    Well, lets do one thing at a time first ok? Its good to have goals but when you get down to it...thats all they are...and they change. Lets see how you feel when you get on active duty and see everything available to you and its alot. Don't bite off more than you can chew,,,pick one thing, do it well and move on to the next thing... and be consistent. Thats the key to success.

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    You could have the most high speed low drag job in the Corps or be a cook. You're still going to face the same thing. If you want to be a SWAT cop you'll have to first get hired as a police officer, and then prove yourself as a police officer. You'll spend your time as a regular street cop before you ever have a chance at something like SWAT.

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    E4B's have to start at the bottom just like everyone e;se.

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    That's always been a problem for me. I set to many goals and I bust my ass trying to achieve them all and sometimes I do but I kick myself when I dont. I'll focus on just losing these last 15lbs getting into DEP and busting my ass to become a US Marine. Like I said I always set to many goals then I overload myself then all hell breaks loose lol. So for now i'll take your advice and focus on one thing I know everyone starts at the bottom and I realize I will to. I know I wont be SWAT right away but it's always something i've looked forward to doing.

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    But if SWAT is your real can be...but make sure its for the right reason and not the glory. If you're better than alot of other people at what you do...thats great. Thats what I mean about being born to do a certain job. You can accomplish your goal...tho lofty it may be...just stay focused on the path to get there...stay focused on what it takes and what you need to learn and accomplish to get there...understand? It CAN be done!!

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    I never do anything for glory thats not my style. I do things because I want to do them. But I understand what your saying though. If it's something that I really want stay focused on what it takes learn everything and then accomplish that. Thank you everybody you've been a HUGE help to me about this and I greatly appreciate it.

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    Im going through hiring processes for several police agencies. They love that im a Marine in the infantry and deployed twice. The infantry gets swat training but its called mout. Military police is not good from what im told because you already have habits about law enforcement that department doesnt like and now has to break them. Either way being a Marine helps since most young applicants get disqualified for lack of life experience. youll never have that problem after being in the Corps. I was infantry and always scored high on oral boards and most background investigators are former military so they will put you as a priority and try harder to get you hired.

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