Question About Security Clearances
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    Question About Security Clearances

    So I was thinking about doing a year or semester in a University in Germany, now the question at hand, would that affect my chance at Security Clearance? I'm hoping for an 02XX slot and don't want to mess that up seeing as there isn't anything else in my background that could screw it up, so if that'll interefere I can just stay in the good ol' USA, and go to Boot Camp after graduation

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    AMW - International travel and education should not have a negative effect. When in doubt, double check with your recruiter.

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    When you go to a foreign country you will be faced with communist parties marching around and different things to lead you down the wrong path. This is true when going on say, a Mediterranean float to Italy or somewhere that still has communism lurking.

    As long as you keep you nose clean and do nothing to jeopardize your passport. You should be okay. But as the Cpl said check with a recruiter or check with the state department they may be able to answer your questions.

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    Thank you both! I'll give my recruiter a call and verify with him what you both said, that's what I was thinking but it's better to be safe than sorry.

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    I would follow the above advice and only engage in activities that are above reproach or questions. (ie, accidentally cross the borders and find yourself in China, Iran, the USSR or Pakistan. Long trip, but who knows)

    And if you do go, sneak across Checkpoint Charlie for me, please!

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    You will have to disclose your foreign travels on the background questionnaire, and will be asked questions about your travel by the investigator.

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    if you maintain foriegn relations it could keep you from maintaining certain types of clearances but nothing that would restrict you from 99% of the jobs in th Marine Corps. if there are any questions about specifics then you can look up the personel numbers for the FBI and they are actually very up front about how restricted you would be, but like i said as a Marine you are fine. you would really only run into issues if trying to make a transition into OGA (other gov Agencies)

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    Well, then I probably won't go, because I was actually looking at CIA or FBI work if I don't decide to do 20 in.

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    well if you base your decision on a forum response you might want to rethink the way you are making your decisions. contact personel at both of these agencies and find out for sure before you throw away an international oportunity

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