How to explain to my mom
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    How to explain to my mom

    I am currently a sophmore in college at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I have recently come to realize that college is not for me and I need to do something to better myself, as I do not have much pride in myself nor do I have much discipline. So, I have decided that the Marine Corps is my best option. This past weekend I told my parents over brunch that I was going to join the Marines. My mom started crying and left the restaurant. no one in my family has any military experience so i think it is hard to understand how I feel and why I made this decision. Does anyone have any advice on how to get my mom to feel as though this is a good decision? Right knw she is an emotional wreck from my dad has told me. Thanks for the advice. -Frank

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    First of all, you have to live your life, period. Every mom want's to protect their child, so her reaction is normal. The question is, do you let her worries dictate your decisions?

    Secondly, joining our beloved USMC might certainly help you overcome some of your weaker characteristics, but will your weaker characteristics stop you from trying at all? You'll need to realize that this is no cake walk.

    If you think that getting out of college and joining the military means you are getting a better / easier deal, well you might be in for a shock. You will work harder in the military, especially the USMC, and you will have some serious learning to do too.

    When I enlisted, I wasn't mature enough to go to college. I knew it - I would have wasted the $$ and partied the whole time. After four years as a Marine, I knew I had grown up and would take college seriously if I decided to go. I still partyed all the time and wasted $$, but I matured.

    You may do well for yourself by actually learning to finish what you started, no matter how difficult or unappealing, before you decide to try to start something new. It'll be a good habit if you decide to go to boot camp.
    If you made a mistake and college isn't for you, I hope you were born rich, 'cause real life makes your college schedule seem nice...real nice. I'll trade. girls...........I will definitely trade.

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    Man up and say I'm joining the Marine Corps, and they'll deal with it. I would say that over half of the people joining the Marine Corps parent's are not thrilled with the idea. But its your life, and they'll get over it, and when they go to your boot camp graduation, they'll be beaming with pride just like everyone else's parents.

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    Have you spoken to a recruiter? A lot of times they have experiences and are usually trained to speak to family members by explaining and address any concerns your mother may have about your decision.

    Now from what you have told us this is how I believe if you complete your contract how you'll change. One thing I believe helped me from the Corps is this: I learned how to no matter how ****y i feel or don't believe I should or need to do somethign you overcome little petty issues, and they all are petty and selfish usually. When you go to military school I studied unlike high school. They said well we will help you as long as you dont give up but if you dont pass we will send you to EAF (building runways and ****). So basically I studied no way in hell im goign to do that.

    To sum it up, it helps people think and push thru and do the things we don't want to do but know we need to do them to get the final goal completed.

    Does this make sense?

    Oh and your recruiter will help speak to your parents. The Marine Corps does a lot to not only indoctrinate you into the Marine Corps but also your family in a sense.

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    I certainly realize that the Marine Corps is no cake walk. Thats some of the reason I've decided to join. I also am starting to realize I am not mature enough for college, as I have found myself partying a little bit too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fernieernie05
    I certainly realize that the Marine Corps is no cake walk. Thats some of the reason I've decided to join. I also am starting to realize I am not mature enough for college, as I have found myself partying a little bit too much.
    not saying all Marines drink.. But the question is can you drink after field day and still manage to go on the 8 mile run while puking from last night???

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    If you think that the Marine Corps is going to cure a drinking problem, you are mistaken. We were born in a bar, and if you know Marines you know how much sense that makes.

    That said, the Marine Corps is great for adding some maturity. But, you'll have to be man enough to just tell your mom what you've decided to do. There is no easy way- it just has to be done.

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    Why do you want to join the Marine Corps?

    A sophomore with only a year to go? Are you partying out? I would know by my Christmas break Freshman year if college was right for me.

    Is the Marine Corps going to make a man out of you? They will do the damnedest they can but,just as in any life's ventures you need to give the 110%.

    The advice given about seeing a recruiter is good and you are 19 so you can forgo the parents and just DEP. Are you a mature 19 year old? Or are you wanting to do this to prove it to someone other than yourself?

    If you are doing it for the wrong reasons...DON'T! Stay in school.Graduate and then if the reasons are still there enlist or become an officer.

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    LMAO! if you want to stop drinking, the Marines is the WRONG place for you! I had NEVER touched a drop of booze until I got to my first duty station. then for 3 ears I drank everything someone put in front of me if i was not on duty. LOTS of people like that.

    and if you feel you are not mature enough to handle college, which IS a cake walk, how ae you gonna handle the responsibility of being a Maine? not trying to talk you out of it, but just think about it

    as for the parents? Well, both of my parents where peace and love hippies from the 60's and I just told em, this is what i am doing, you can support me in it, or stop being in my life until i get bacj, your choice. They both came to boot grad and bought all the "proud parent" crap they could lay hands on.

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    I also am starting to realize I am not mature enough for college, as I have found myself partying a little bit too much.
    Then stop partying! In the Marine Corps vice college you will be in a leadership position one day regardless of rank and those types of bad decisions will kill you and others! Don't jump from the frying pan into the fire. As stated our illustrious Marine Corps was born in a bar (Tun Tavern). But there is time to consume the ale and time to accomplish the mission.

    If you are drinking to much,what makes you think this will change joining the Marine Corps when most of your paycheck is your own to do as you please?

    If you have a problem,get help before you sign. Because in college you get kicked out without an education and somebody forfeits tuition. In the Marine Corps you get kicked out and until you die you life is screwed....because of immature decisions.

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    I may have worded my statments wrong. What I am trying to say is I don't have much discipline. I also want to have some honor and pride in myself, at this point I have none. I think that joining the Corps could do both of those for me.

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    Well speak to a recruiter ask him all the questions you want. Find out what jobs there are come on this site ask about what jobs you are itnerested. There are a lot of jobs that sound boring which are the best jobs ever and a lot which sound cool and suck ass...

    But a recruiter will be the one to help you speak to your family and this site is also a very good one to give you more in depth details knowledge and just good support in your decision man..

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    Phantom Blooper
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    Discipline is within. The Marine Corps will help hone ALL the traits but before you do anything you NEED Self Discipline!

    You will be forced by virtue of contract to have discipline at boot camp. Honor and pride will come the day you march across the grinder at the recruit depot and become a Marine.

    If you decide to enlist grab low and deep in the groin muscle and make the discipline work for YOU!

    Don't do something that in three years after graduating Marine Corps training and then state that you don't have the gonads to continue and this is not for me. I am not trying to be harsh.. realistic is more like it.

    Whatever you do.. good luck in your endeavors and if you make a commitment fulfill it!

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    I think you need to convince your mom that you are making a man's decision and regardless how she feels, this decision has made you grow just a little more into manhood. Your mom should understand the fact this is what you want to do as the first step into becoming a well-adjusted, driven, productive citizen of our society. Talk to her and just explain to her how strongly you feel about wanting and needing to belong to something, about wanting to be a better person and you found all of this in the USMC. Congradulations on taking you first step. It will definitely change your life for the better!

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    Thanks for everyones advice. I've allready talked to a recruiter and I called him today. We are meeting over Thanksgiving break and talking with my parents.

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