For Texas Veterans-Texas Veterans Land Board
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    For Texas Veterans-Texas Veterans Land Board

    I hope no one considers this to be spam. It's a legitimate program, fully funded by the State of Texas, and only for veterans or their surviving spouses.

    Thought I'd toss this on here to remind you guys of this program. You will have a hard time finding lower interest rates for buying a home or land. The forfieted land sale is coming up at the end of the month and there are some great buys. I just attended one of their seminars yesterday here in San Angelo. Open only to Texas veterans-just bid on the tract of land of your choosing. If you win the bid, there is no down payment req'd on forfieted land sales, just pay the $75.00 contract fee, then make monthly payments to the Texas Veterans Land Board. Terms are for 30 yrs, unless you want to pay off early. There are about 115 tracts of land, 5 acres & up, in counties all over the state listed in this sale. The next sale will be in Oct. You may also find your own land or home & buy thru the TVLB, not just these forfieted tracts. (Terms are different than the ones on forfitures) TVLB also offers loans for new homes, up to $200,000, home improvemnet loans, up to $20,000, Texas Veteran's Homes(health care), and soon to be offered-cemeteries for Texas veterans. VietNam vets get a lower int rate, as do disabled vets.

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    Every state has veteran benefits above what the federal goverment supports.
    Check with your local state veteran service organization to find out more about tax relief, home buying grants and financial support to those veterans in need.

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