Combat Engineers?
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    Combat Engineers?

    Do combat engineers see action? Do they fight back? Are they put in a MEU? I want to know more about combat engineers. Please reply. Thanks 4 Reading.

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    Arrow The answer to all is....


    Heavy equipment,
    Mine fields,
    Anti-armor barricades
    Plus much more!!!

    These guys do it all.

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    We were on the rifle range in Pendleton with some 1300's. They definateley had their own thing going!

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    Let me tell you about Combat Engineers, I have been one for 21 years. Yes they can see action, just as any other Marine. They can be right up front with the Grunts. What do you call action? A friend of mine got the Siler Star during Desert Storm for clearing a minefield by hand while under fire so vehicles could pass through.

    The Marine Corps has spread the Combat Engineer field out in four directions. Division, FSSG, Wing and Base.

    Division: Every Grunt Battalion has at least a squad of Combat Engineers attached. Grant it, we are attached as an element of Headquarters and Service Company and end up pulling the rear area security often, but the rear area security of the front line is still on the front. Greater chance of mine clearing and demolitions.
    (Spent 8yrs with Division, it was great!)

    FSSG: Conducts a support role. Provides light construction of anything, camps (pow or humanitarian, billeting) ammo supply points, bridging, landing zones.

    Wing: Also, support, mainly of air wing functions constructing camps and such.

    Base: Non-deployable. Supports the camp they are on. Facilities Maintenace, range maintenance....

    Although every Marine is a basic rifleman, the Combat Engineer is a good resource for rear area security, due to a lot of squad tactic training with the Grunts. Unless you have been with the wing or base your whole time......

    That is one of the short comings of the Combat Engineer MOS. If you are in Division for 4 years, you know your demo and landmine warefare, but you probably couldnt pour a concrete slab to save your life - then you get transfered to FSSG as a NCO and are expected to be a construction guru.... Visa versa... the construction Guru gets transfered to Division and doesnt know jack about demo.....

    So, if you are going to be a Combat Engineer, keep your stuff from school, do the MCI and keep YOURSELF sharp. Your units mission will direct the training you receive and lessen the parts of the MOS that is not in the mission. It is up to YOU to stay current.

    I guess I am rambling..... Any more questions, I am glad to answer....

    Semper Fi!


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    How long and where is the mos school for combat engineers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by calebryan View Post
    How long and where is the mos school for combat engineers?

    How about a bit more of a profile, site rules....and show some initiative by doing a search on MOS school locations.

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    Good stuff Top. Do any of the Marines here know what program code that is? I want to make sure I get the right contract.

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    The Program codes are posted (in a sticky) in "Ask a Marine" section. But just for clarity the Program Enlisted For (PEF) Code is "CM" for construction utilities (1300).

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    Quote Originally Posted by oscrmyr View Post
    The Program codes are posted (in a sticky) in "Ask a Marine" section. But just for clarity the Program Enlisted For (PEF) Code is "CM" for construction utilities (1300).

    Right on warrior!

    That thread kind of spured this whole thing(as per my PM to you). Me not being a Marine much less a recruiter it is hard to make sence of all the jargon but this site and the Marines who contribute to it have been a HUGE help to me. Thank you!

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    My new recruiter is a combat engineer, his boss introduced him to us as a super grunt.

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    I'm a 1345 and i'm at MOS school right now, haven't been on here in ages (no real internet access until lately) let me know if I can help in any way.

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    A guy who graduated from my high school two years ahead of me is an 1371 currently deployed on a MEU right now. He likes it I guess.

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