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    SR 71 Black Bird

    This picture was taken at ( I can't spell to save my life ) Kadena AFB sometime on 312's 1984 West Pac. What memories.

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    Trans Pac 1984 Wake Island

    This picture was shot by a RIO in another bird. If am correct we just left Wake Island. Our next stops were K-Bay, yuma, and last Beaufort.

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    To all you wingers out there. Happy Thanksgiving. Its nice to have a decent meal without the smell of JP4 or 5 in the air.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutinstinct
    To all you wingers out there. Happy Thanksgiving. Its nice to have a decent meal without the smell of JP4 or 5 in the air.
    Yeah, but you gotta admit, it's a good smell to wake up to.

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    DAYAM! We got 9 pages of Wingers! OOHRAH! Swing with the Wing ya'll - IYAOYAS!

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    I was in Mag 24, VMA-533 Apr. 1960-Jan 1964
    A4D-2 SkYHAWK --A4D-2N SKYHAWK, The 2n had radar.
    Plane captain
    Check crew laeader
    Taxi pilot

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    If you served with the 1st MAW in Vietnam... should know about the First Marine Aircraft Wing Association. The homepage is:

    Under the forum index you will find a "Units Section" with all the different MAG's.

    The group's next reunion will be in 2009 in Beaufort, SC.

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    I was Ch46E Airframer
    HMM-263 (before it crossed over to the darkside) MCAS New River
    HMM-262 Okinawa Japan
    HMM-365 MCAS New River

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    I was attached to the folowing units:

    VMFA-451 (the Warlords) MCAS Beaufort, Powerline shop, 1994-1997
    VMFA(AW)-332 (the Moonlighters) MCAS Beaufort, Powerline shop, 1997-1997
    VFA-125(the Rough Raiders) NAS Lemoore, Line shack and Powerplants shop, 1997-2001
    VMFA-115 (the Silver Eagles) MCAS Beaufort, Powerline shop and Corrosion Control SNCOIC, 2001-2005

    All the above units flew F/A-18's. VFA-125 is a training squadron and therefore has the A/B/C/D models of the Hornet.

    There is also a Navy Hornet squardon on MCAS Beaufort as well. It is VFA-86.

    The other units on MCAS Beaufort are as follows: VMFA-115, VMFA-122, VMFA-251, VMFA(AW)-224, VMFA(AW)-332, VMFA(AW)-533, and VMFA-312.

    Semper Fi

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    Ah, those great old recips! I worked on the last of the T-28's at SOES MCAS Quantico back in 76 and then moved onto Ch-46's.

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    Any Warlords out there? A few of us that keep in touch are looking to throw a reunion of some kind. Hedge VMFA-451 Radar, 83-87

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    Vmfa(aw)-533 'hawks' 1993-1994
    Vmfa(aw)-332 'moonlighters' 1994-1996
    Vmfa-122 'crusaders' 1996-1996

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    H&MS 11 Echo Vans (ALQ-76 & ALE-32) 1972
    VMCJ-1 Det 101 Cubi Pt. 1973
    Back to H&MS 11, then
    H&MS 12 Iwakuni 1974- finally
    H&MS 14 Cherry Pt. 1975 and out.

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    if you ain't ordanance you ain't s**t....Radar Tech here, but when I was in P'cola that's all the AO guys would yell.

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