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    Aircraft Recovery
    H&HS Futenma
    Okinawa Japan

    Pensacola was a fun time. Can't find a bar that'll make a Devil Dog like portside did.

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    A month of OJT with HMM-163 and then MALS-36 Okinawa Power Plants for the CH-46E!

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    Been known to ride a pod, but thet's another story, It's got a GTC inside damn near the same as in the left wheel pod on a KC130F Uses bleed air off'n the turbine section thru a hose connection. tick, tick, tick,

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    Hey Gunny......remember me?

    Grey Ghost 82-85
    RDR shop under SSGT Downard and IWT under Gunny Smith.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GUNNY MAX
    We had to use a huffer or wells unit along with external power to start our F4-N's. It is much easier to fire up a Hornet, exept for having to pump up the APU accumulator. Especially no fun with a hangover.
    Yes, the Hornet is much more maintainer friendly.

    I actually had the oportunity to help pull an engine out of a Harrier during a WTI det. Given the choice between a Harrier and Phantom (which wasn't much of a cake walk either) I'd choose the Phantom. Plus, going to high power is a rush. (especially if you have a hard light or compressor stall)
    Hey Lonnie.....GUNNYMAX

    531 RDR and IWT 82-85

    Lcpl Smith

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    USMC - 1962 -1966
    Plt #376 San Diego
    Memphis Tn Hyd school
    HMS 24 Cherry Point
    VMFA 115 Cherry Point - Japan - VietNam F-4s
    VMFA 542 VietNam F-4s
    El Toro

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    Recruit Training
    1970, Boot Camp - Parris Island, A/12810
    1970-1970, Formal Schools/Infantry Training School EAST (SOI East)17
    1970-1970, Formal Schools/AMS School, MATSS 901, MATSG 90, Millington TN
    1970-1971, 6073, MCAS Cherry Point, NC/H&HS2
    1970-1971, Formal Schools/NATTC, Jacksonville FL
    1971-1972, 6073, MAG 36/H&MS-362
    1971-1972, 6073, ComCabs West/MCAS, Futenma, Japan

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    VMFN513, I was stationed at MCAS Edenton in 58. I was not airwing, I was FMF but I was awaiting discharge and they put me in the electric shop there, I got out in Oct 58 and I seem to remember they were closing the base.

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    Vmfa 115

    I was with VMFA 115 in Iwakuni Japan in 1973-1975 I was in the hydraulics shop. then went back to the states and went to a composite helicopter squadron HMM 261

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    IYAOYAS, It's a term I guess us new ordnancemen use. IF You Aint Ordnance You Aint ****. I personally agree but there are a few that don't huhhuh. Anyway I work at HMH-464, was with HMLA-269, and 542. I have a little AR to do for the next 5 hours in a 53E. Oorah.
    Hopefully that answered it for you sir have a good evening

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    I was in VMFA 251 Thunderbolts in 81', they were still F-4's. I was in the Hyd Shop ( hated the "hell hole", trying to get a wrench in the vertical stab to take out the actuator, and couldn't see the bolts. I could fit inside there back then... some what. ) Left there and went to Pax river (Naval Air Test Center) and was the first Marine to leave STRIKE Hangar to venture over to the "Secretive McDonald Douglas Hangar" to work on the new Pre-Production F-18 Hornet. I was attached to M.A.D. Pax. Gunny Leckemby anyone? Great marine. Then volunteered for the Drill Field. The F-4's at Beaufort were replaced with F-18's around 86' 87'. Man, that is a sweet bird. Went to El Toro in 88'.

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    MALS-36 MCAS Futenma Okinawa Japan
    MALS-39 MCAS Camp Pendleton

    6494 Combat Data Systems Tech

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    Yea i was in vmfa(aw)242, but they got disbanded and went to japan and joined up with mag-12

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    Amazed Checkerboard

    Wow! I never thought I'd see this many "Wingers" crawling out of the woodwork. I was a Hyd Mech with VMFA-312 (83-86) VMFA-112 (86-91) VMFA-122 (91-93) and VMFA (AW)-332 from 93-95. Joined the California National Guard in '98 and somehow wound up as the S-4 NCO for a Special Forces unit. (Just got back from Iraq in May.)
    I was digging through my war chest the other day and actually came across the photos that were used to put together the Cruise Book from the 84-85 West-Pac. How I wound up with them I will never know, I just wish I could remember the names of the people in the bloody pictures...
    Anyway, Semper Fi

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    Marine Free Member Ploft's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jun 2002
    Myrtle Beach SC
    VMFA-323 F4's 66-68 Flight Equipment

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