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    My America

    My country.....the land that I love......I stand beside her.....and guide her......through the night, with the light........from above.
    God Bless America.
    Is that such a difficult thing to say? The bleeding heart liberals say that we should not use 'God' in our schools, in our political offices, in our libraries, in our workplace.
    I say....."why?"
    I served in the United States Navy......when I took my oath....I swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States......and in that same Constitution, there is mention of 'God'......a lot of our patriotic songs have our Lord mentioned in them in some form or another.
    The 'light from above' that such a horrible phrase that it kills people? It has never harmed me or my family.
    In fact, it has always strengthened my resolve. When I served my country, it saved me from hardship. When my father served in the Navy for 33 years, he had our 'God' by his side during WWII and Korea and Viet Nam. When my brothers served in the Navy, 'God' was with them.
    Our brave heroes in Iraq have 'God' and the United States of America backing them all the way.
    You talk about the kids of today, not caring for the patriotism that so many of us that have served show our Flag.
    If you ask me, it all started the day that school prayer was taken out of our schools.....and it was re-inforced when the 'Pledge of Allegiance' was removed from our daily lives.
    Ask a teenager today if he or she can recite the pledge....and they will probably not have the faintest idea of what 'pledge' you are talking about.
    The removal of prayer, the removal of the pledge has lead us all down the road to despair.
    I look at the news on television and see people 'protest' the United States being in Iraq to rid the world of this 'Saddam.....this Hitler re-incarnated'. And it makes me sad to see Americans, MY Americans bash and ridicule our military leaders and our military.
    To see Martin Sheen with his mouth 'duct taped' with 'NO WAR' written on the tape....I'm sorry, but that tears at my pride......tears at my heart.
    But, to tell you the truth......I don't give a damn what anyone says, or who protests, or what the bleeding hearts do. They can't take my pride and honour away from me.
    I served my country. So did my dad, and my brothers. I am damn proud to be an American.
    I am so proud of the United States Marines, and the Navy, and the Army and the Air Force that are in the Middle East right now.
    So what if a 'few' civilians perish in this action to rid the world of a madman. It's happens......the world has been waging war since the dawn of can't escape it, you can't deny it. It happens.
    The American military is doing good, and doing justly. Let the American military fo their job......and let our President Bush do his......I proudly salute them all.
    God Bless America......God Bless our troops. God Bless President Bush.
    Anchors Aweigh!

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    Well said PropUSN, and welcome to the board,the fun is about to begin, so stick around, and jump in when you find something that peeks your intrust.

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    Welcome aboard, PropUSN! Let us know if you want us to seize some forward naval bases for you. We get off on that kind of thing! (If you do, can we get a lift?)

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    Texas......but not a Texan
    I'd always be honoured to give my Marine brothers a lift.......any time........any where.
    Thank you.
    Semper Fi brother Marines.....
    Anchors aweigh

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