Platoon 201 Parris Island 1962
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    Platoon 201 Parris Island 1962

    Looking for any members of Platoon 201 2nd RTR Parris Island 1962...Cpl Jackson (Action) Spurlock

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    Platoon 201

    Hey fella I went thru the Island dec 57-Apri l58. I was in Platoon 201. This was about 2 1/2 years after the in-famous night march where some of the guys did'nt make it. PLATOON 201 DID NOT EXIST IN "62" Check your records. My God 233 graduated about 62 or 63. Do the math.

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    Old timer. I don't know why your jumping all over the guy.He ought to know his platoon no.Sometimes the numbers don't jive.I was in platoon 258 from May to Aug 1954 another fellow posted he was in 396 from Aug to Nov 1954..I dont know how they do their platoon no's. but I imagine he knows what platoon he was in..

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    I was in Plt. 251 at P.I. from August 1961 to Dec 1961. Never though about it before but I just assumed the Plt. #'s were re-cycled and used again. Is it a fact that the Plt #'s are only used once ??

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    Dan, I was in PI plt 258 ,the sister plt was 253 may 1954.I'm reading this from my platoon book. If you go to "Open squad bay" scroll down to "Where did you do your boot" open page 1, scroll down to the 4th post by "Thedrifter" you'll see plt 253 Aug 1961 mentioned again..So it seems the Marine Corps do use the platoon no's over..

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    Hey Oldtimer

    I was in the 200 series 200-201-202-203 2nd RTR January-1962-May-1962 Parris Island, SC. I have the Platoon Book to prove it...

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    Well, there was a 201 each year: The first platoon formed in 2d Batallion each calendar year was 201 (till they went to four digit platoons, in the 70's I think). Anyway, I was in 201 of 1963: Formed up on 2 January, Sgt AF Corley was Senior DI. Semper Fi!!

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    cball, I was at PI from may 54 to aug 54, I don`t remember my plt # but I remember we were in wooden barracks.

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    George, Good to hear from another old timer.I was hoping you were in platoon 253 or 258 but I looked through my platoon book and didn't see your name.My platoon 258 went from may 24 to aug 2--1954.Chances are you were a week or so later.Were hanging right in there ,good hearing from you.

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    Action Jackson knows that I was also in platoon 201 in January 1962.

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    Semper-fi Steve...How is the golfing going, I want to get back out to Phoenix and play a few rounds of golf with you before we get too old...haha!!! Don't know if you remember Steppacher and Echard...Both deceased, also two of our D.I's Crowder and Mcnemar are both deceased...Another old Amtracker Dave Reiman lives in Surprise...Take Care

    Action Jackson

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    Old Timer...I was in Platoon 201...Jan-1962-Apr-1962...We were in the 200 series...200-201-202-203...

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    Just some FYI to all here Back in the good old days they reuse some of the same platoon number I know , I put a search in ebay and 4 platoon books came up for my Platoon 114 so to make sure I got the right I bought them.. I also have page where Marines can find there platoon books and I also have 200+ Platoon books in my man cave i keep..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marine1955 View Post

    Just some FYI**
    to all here "

    Back in the good old days
    they re-used the platoon numbers

    I know ,
    I put a search in ebay and
    4 came up for Platoon 114

    to make sure I got it right
    I bought them all..

    I also have page
    where Marines can find there platoon books

    I also have 200+ Platoon books
    in my man cave ..
    BILL *

    The best part of being a regular
    on LN -

    is when we re- read and re-read
    posts out of the past -
    and continue to see re-postings
    where OLD and new readers and
    posters of LN keep making the same
    answering the same questions-
    most fail to read what other
    Marines have posted...

    Consider ??

    if there is/was a boot camp for
    "SENIORS" and this was posted
    over the urnals-

    the DECK would be wet
    and users would walk away
    scratching their knutz
    with wet fingers

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