can U pass this citizenship test?
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    Thumbs up can U pass this citizenship test?

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    I missed 2

    and got a score of 9200.

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    missed 2 got 9600

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    Didn't take the test,Been a citizen since 1946!

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    Tests! we dont need know stinking tests!

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    Didn't miss any. Score 12000. Although the last question was subjective. Some might consider the right to vote to be more important, while others would say Freedom of speech if most important. I guessed on that one.

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    Yeah I got a perfect score of 12000. That was literally the easiest and most obvious test I've ever taken.

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    Is this a test for Tards?

    This is the stuff you learn in 5th grade. No offense to anyone

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    12000,,,,,,,My son missed 3. Maybe I should deport him. [Damm commie on his mothers side,,,;}

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    10,000. Missed the Alaska/Hawaii question!

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    wel, i scored 10,000. missed one quesrion

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    Do not need to be tested. Been a U.S. Citizen since 1934.

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    11000 Missed The Last One, I Said Freedom Of Speech. But, My Question Is This Without Freedom Of Speech how Could One Vote?

    which was the first amendment and voting was around, the 8th if i'm not mistaking.

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