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    Quote Originally Posted by Yami Chasi
    Way to go marinepooly1361, how did you get your pullups so high?
    honestly, i have no clue. I think its probably my genetics, Im only 5'6'' and 150 ish so i dont have a hell of a lot to lift up, and most of my weight is muscle.

    but for anyone workin on pullups, dont just work on your biceps. do traps and lats too. do negatives, and do super sets (PM me if you want more advice)

    I do mine with palms out, so its more of a back and trap work out for me.

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    My IST score for last thursday.
    Pull ups: 27
    Sit ups: 89
    1.5 mile: 9:43

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    Quote Originally Posted by HurricaneRJ
    I put a bunch of clothes in it, then I put 45lbs weight in the pack. It's tough when I first starter, after I would get finished, my body still want to lean forward and I could sprint 10x faster.
    Dang! I'm goin to start doin that! Thanks

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    Speaking of Pool Functions. My SSgt. took a couple of pictures.

    This is when we were drilling. We had almost every car stopping and watching us, even got a few cheers and honks. Pretty motivating.

    The 2nd Pic is from us completing the Darby Mile. Everyone looked okay, but over half puked, and the others had to be carried, dragged, or Pulled through. I finished, with no problem, and remarkably is that the females did excellent. They're in great shape than most of my male poolees. I've already begun the process of PT'ing extra long hours in the morning with most of them. It's pretty damn demanding being in a leadership position, but it's a challenge.

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    is that kid wearing MARPAT with Marine Corps combat boots in the top picture???

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    No, it's Multi-Cam.

    Trust me, I wouldn't let anyone in my Pool wear anything issued by the Marines. Thats a cardinal sin in my book.

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    I have a pair of Marine Corp Desert MARPAT that I bought at the surplus store.

    I wear them for hunting all the time.
    They have got to be the MOST comfortable pants (trousers) I have ever worn. And the camo pattern is really good, especially in the dead grass that I usually hunt in.

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    Did an IST today minus the run (too icy out).

    Pull ups: 14 (last month was 10)
    Situps: 115 (last month was 87)

    im content.

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    IST Today
    1.5 mile: 10:02
    Pullups: 14
    Crunches: 103

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    Had my IST early, today instead of Saturday, I'm happy with the results so far, just need to keep working and improving.

    Pull-Ups 17
    Crunches 96
    1 1/2 Mile Run 12:22

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    1.5 mile run: 14:08
    Crunches: 86
    Pullups: 18

    Fairly satisfied with my pullups but my run and crunches went down (had a lazy month).

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    i got

    11:17 on run (1 3/4 mile)

    65 crunches

    8 pullups.

    ill start working out and doing more running come January when i finally get the time

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    Several pics from our functions here in sunny California. Dont mind Paris Hilton, shes not a Poolee yet and was checkin it out. no one could really yell at her...lol. can u guess which one i am?

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    we have fun too.

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    Our IST today was absolutly FUBAR. I was the fastest of everyone (Because our former fastest stopped PTing and started smoking, and the cross country runner went way too far before turning around) and got 15 minutes, last time I got 10 minutes (less than a month ago). We did it in a new location so I think either they screwed up the distance, or they screwed up the counting. I refuse to believe everyone lost 6-8 minutes in the past month.

    We didn't end up doing situps or pullups, but based off PTs that is about the same for me.

    For the activity portion we did the Polar Bear Plunge in Boston. Holy crap that's cold. I'll get some pics up when they become available.


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