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    Well my nick name is MOErine in AJROTC so maybe that could be it. Yeah I am going to run 3 in 20 min, minus well. My ship date is January 6th so I need to get the ball really rolling, I wish I had your stats

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    Work at, I plan on getting better, and it's not to late to get up there, just gotta put out.

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    At 2 months now: 1.5mile: 9:43, Pull-up: 15, Crunch: 78

    Started with 1.5mile: 11:34, Pull-Up: 0, Crunch : 29.

    It's hard to get 3mile run time shorten though.. LOL (tripling that 1.5 mile time..)

    Working for 300 PFT!

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    Wish i had RJs IST scores now, i ship in a week and it looks like this:
    pull ups: 6 (doubled over two weeks tho)
    crunches: 77
    1.5 mile: 10 min

    those were from this sat at a pool function. theres a guy shipping with me, just met him, had 0 pullups, 45 crunches, and almost died in the 1.5 , this after claiming he ran a 8'30" 1.5 mile, i didnt buy it. he is in for a rude awakening come this monday when we ship.

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    Well I ran a non stop 3mile last night after getting off, I didn;t time myself though, because franckly I didn't care to know I just wanted to finish. I will run the 3 miles nightly for a week or two, then I will time myself.

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    My recruiter tricked me and said we were only playing football, so I didnt eat a good breakfast. So I basically did the IST on an empty stomach... which was probably best otherwise I would have puked

    12:40 1.5 mi
    65 crunches
    22 pull ups

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    Hey guys, I just got back from our IST and here's how I did:

    Crunches: 94

    Pull Ups: 12

    1 1/2 Mile Run: 12:27

    So, I'm happy that my run time has gotten a lot better, I've got much more of a comfort zone now and I can keep improving. I didn't do as well on the Pull Ups as I thought I would, but I just need to keep working.

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    1.5 Mile: 11:08
    Pullups: 8
    Crunches 100

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    11:30 (used to be 10:20)
    21 pullups (used to be 13)
    96 crunches (used to be 30)

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    Did you stop working on your cardio and just focus on your strength?

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    Many things can attribute to a slower run time.

    1. Not properly Hydrated
    2. Not strecthing properly
    3. Full Stomach
    4. Pyshed out - Most Common.

    Running is all mental is someways, most people didn't even drink water. I didn't drink enough at the Pool Function. After the run, my mouth was dry, and I was cramping. Strecthing is another thing, it hurts to run on legs that haven't been strecthed. Also most people pysch themselves out, people can do extraordinary things if they put thier MIND to it.

    "A mile and a half?? Aww man!!!"

    People ***** and moan about somethings. You should take the challenge, Running 6 miles tomorrow with my recruiter. I'm excited at the chance, to run.

    Everytime a challenge is thrown my way, I smile and get down to business.

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    Good attitude. Well I can run long distances but it seems whenever I try and focus on my strength my times go down. I have no clue why but it does. So in short I have to work harder at getting my times back. I actually kinda like it because just keeps me motivated.

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    Yea, I can run forever at about a slow steady pace, but if I try to run at a 7:00 min mile pace, I get too winded..

    I really think I didn't carb up enough that day, and just didn't have the energy.

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    One key tip is this. Drink Gatordae or Pedialyte the night before, get the electrolytes in your system so when you wake up. You'll have a lot more energy.

    Also, don't think a 7:00 mile pace is impossible.

    The Marines at Airborne School run around that pace for PT.

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    Last IST i did was two weeks ago.

    Pull Ups: 12
    Sit ups: 87
    1.5m Run: 11:10.

    Improved by 2 on everything.

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