Pool Function - IST scores.
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    Pool Function - IST scores.

    Alright usually most RSS have Poolee Function on the 2nd Saturday of every month. We conduct an IST every third month for prizes and what not, so today was all but motivation.

    The last time I reocrd my old score this is what I had.

    1.5 Mile: 10:34
    Pull-ups: 4
    Crunches: 108

    As of October

    1.5 Mile: 8:44
    Pull-ups: 9
    Crunches: 100

    In other good news, my Recruiter has been titled Recruiter of the Year for Recruting Station Atlanta. So my presnt was pushing till he got tired.

    So Poolee whats your scores?

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    What's your pullup workout look like?
    There's easy ways to increase by 5 or more withing just a few weeks.

    Go to walmart and get a door pullup bar. It's an expandable metal bar that screws into the door jam.

    Now, every time you pass it during the day give a max set to the bar. With me being in a barracks, I pass the gym here about 6 times a day.
    Within 1 week I went up 5 pullups. I do my PFT in 2 weeks and I'm 5 away from 20

    It's amazing how fast the human body grows. When I was a poolee I started at 0. Within a month I was at 10. I went to the gym 3 times a week and my work out partner destroyed back and BIs when we did em. Lateral pulldowns, preacher curls, assisted pullups and such

    There's always the armstrong pullup program too.

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    I have the A pull-bar in my room and I also use the perfect push-ups. The reason it's only nine is because I haven't been concentrating on Pull-ups like I should have been. I've been constant on running, I wanted to break my RSS 1.5 mile record, in which I didn't (New record is 8:34). Yeah, I'm going to work on them more. I want to accomplish a 300 PFT before I hit the island.

    My pull-up workout consist of 3 X Max. I rest 90 seconds in between, then I use the perfect push-up. Which really helps.

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    You're doing okay. Pretty good gains. I did 11 when I went to boot camp, 16 on the final PFT at boot camp, and I'm doing 20 now. Keep at it and you should hit the teens pretty soon. Nice run time, btw.

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    What are you doing to improve your run time by so much Raymon? I've been keeping up with my cardio since I got moved up here but I haven't seen alot of gains. I'm not sure if it's the change in altitude or what, but in Oklahoma I was running 13:30s and then I moved up here and could barely crank out a mile before feeling like I was completely done. By the way, your IST scores kick some ass, both the old ones and the new ones.

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    My scores at the last pool function:

    1.5 mile: 13:08
    Flex-arm hang: 38 seconds
    Crunches: 117

    Seriously! How do you improve your run time so fast? Mine's been sittin' pretty on 13:00 for like... ever now.

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    Anyone see the IST question posted by Bucksgted?

    Anyone have access or could refer me to the chart for IST scoring....can find PFT but having difficulty with IST.

    Thanks all!

    Also, sounds like some goods scores and great goals. Once you have the physical part "mastered" it makes it easier to deal with the mental and learning aspects of things I think.

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    pull ups : 20
    crunches: 100
    1.5 mile: 8:31

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    As for getting my time down, for me its more than one thing.

    1. I'm continuing to loose weight. Everytime, I'm 5-6lbs less and thats less to carry. (I weighed 227 today, still a fat-ass by Marine Corps Standards.)

    2. I run 3 miles MINIMUM Mon-Thu with my recruiters.

    3. During the day, I just put on some Moto Music, and I run sprints. Run for 25 seconds, then jog until your wind comes back. Do it until you get tired, but running sprints definetly do it. Also stay off a tredmill. I sprints hills as well. My early morning 2 mile course is all uphill. Now after running on hill, then running on a falt course. Then no doubt your going to get a better time.

    For me while running, I can sprint a long distance and feel like ****, but If I reset to a pace I can handle then eventually I will get my wind back to normal, then I can sprint some more. It's all about endurance.

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    That's some great scores RJ, especially on the run! RSS Las Vegas went to Camp Pendleton on Friday and Saturday, so our IST is next week. I feel pretty good about how I'm going to do, I've been doing a lot more running, working on my pull-ups, and I did over 100 crunches at our last PT, so, I feel a little more confident than last time. I still need to do a lot more work on my running, fortunately there are a bunch of hills where I live so I can train on those.

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    Thanks for the info Raymon. Yeah my problem was that I was running on a treadmill but I just found the old gym on the base here that has an indoor track so I'm going to be training on that for the rest of my time before boot camp.

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    Tredmills are good if you want to keep a pace, but don't expect to get faster on it. I hate it when people train for a race on a tredmill. Running on the ground is where every thing counts. You burn more calories running on the ground, and you get more out of a run, when running on a ground.

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    My IST went as followed:

    1 1/2 mile: 12:53
    Pull-Ups: 6
    Crunches: 93

    One Month ago

    1 1/2 mile: 14:03
    Pull-Ups: 3
    Crunches 64

    I run everyday at 2100 2 miles till December when I go 4 miles. Pull-ups in the morning before breakfast, in gym glass with coach (he makes me max out then assists me till I can't do no more), in AJROTC right after gym(Colonel Makes me max out one day then assisted max out next), then at night run I max out since I run by myself.

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    Welcome aboard Jeffery.

    Good to go, keep it up. Run up to 3 miles already. What your scared of?? Only getting better by doing it.

    But expect incoming fire your way for your user name. Poolees don't warrant the name Marine anywhere, and your going have to change yours. Rules of the site.

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    Well my nick name is MOErine in AJROTC so maybe that could be it. Yeah I am going to run 3 in 20 min, minus well. My ship date is January 6th so I need to get the ball really rolling, I wish I had your stats

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