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    i worked out with all the guys yesterday. My Arms are killin me, but its great. I did more situps then the guys. but i always realizied how out of shape i am when it comes to running.

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    Work on your running, if you are comfortable running before you get to boot camp it will make the first couple of weeks a little easier. It's hard enough transitioning into the physical demands and non stop pace of boot camp, having a hard time running will only add to that.

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    Well I Actually Went To The Annual Poolee Function/warior Challenge Last Year And They Had 3 Drill Instructors 2 Male And I Female, The Female Was The Hardest One Believe Or Not, But I Know That If You Go Down To Pi Or Sd Stay In The Mindset That Ok I Came Down Here To Be A Marine And Nothings Going To Stop Me, Let That Be Your Motivation. The Task Is Hard Maybe The Hardest Thing You'll Ever Do But its Not Impossible.

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