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    The War

    Last night I watched Ken Burns documentary entitled the War, about World War Two. It got me thinking; how many World War Two veterans are still out there?

    My dad, uncle and grandpa fought in World War Two. My dad was in the European Theatre, my grandpa in the Pacific Theatre. My uncle was in the Battle of Okinawa, and if he hadn't gone back to his bunk to get some binoculars he forgot, would more than likely been the victim of the kamikaze attack that hit his ship.

    My dad passed away in 2001, my uncle in 2007, and my grandpa in 1982. However, I think something else passed away with them, and that was the human side of war. A while ago, my director sent me this link. If any of you on this board have family who fought in World War Two, I encourage you to listen to the song attached to this link, find them, tell them you love them, and thank them for the sacrifice they made. My biggest regret is that I didn't understand where my dad was coming from, because he never talked in detail about his war experiences as a combat engineer. Let's not forget these aged veterans:

    Semper Fi.

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    Since I had difficulty posting the link to my original post, I'll try including it as a separate thread;

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    I enjoyed the show. The At Home info was terrific. It gave a good sense of the War Effort. Kids collecting a mountain scrap iron. Special prayer services, public events cancelled when a Town Son had fallen.

    Then the angle of our Nation's minorities stepping up to the plate to get into the fight. That was shown well.

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