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    MOS Question

    Hello everyone. I looked to see if this topic has been posted already, but I could not find it. If it has I apologize. Well, my question is what are your personal and professional opinions on the Infantry MOS. I ask because that is what I signed up for. I scored a 60 something on the ASVAB so I could do many other things, but to me the Infantry IS the Marine Corps, i've wanted to be a Marine since I was about 7 years old and I feel everyone should do time as a Grunt. I would also like to point out that I am reporting to MCRD San Diego in exactly one week and would appreciate any advice you have. On a side note, I have 3 years of JROTC experiance and am a contract PFC, I was wondering if you think my experiance will hurt or help me, because I have gotten mixed responses on the subject. Sorry for all the questions and thank you for your time.

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    Good choice on the MOS! I think that the Infantry is a fine way to enter the Marine Corps. The key is to pick what you think you want to do based upon researching the various MOS fields. It is important that you alone make this choice, because you are the one who will sign the contract and be comitted to the Marines. Infanty is not for everybody, but I have enjoyed all of my experiances and training thus far. I think that you will to.

    As for the ROTC, that will not hurt, but boot camp is designed to make those who have no military experiance into Marines as well, so make sure that you learn (and do things), based upon how you are trained while in Boot Camp, not how you were trained in ROTC. Also since you do have a little background in military affairs, use that, be the one to emmulate and strive to be the Guide of the platoon. But remember the Marine Corps is the real deal and not JROTC.

    Best of Luck, and remember boot camp is what you make of it. How you do will lie with you the rest of you career and life. Give it 110% so you know that you did your best, and you didn't crap out on yourself.

    P.S. The infantry is the Marine Corps!

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    If you're not a grunt you're a .... well never mind

    Honestly there are two types of Marines. Infantrymen and those whose only purpose in life is to support the infantrymen.

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    First forget about the ROTC crap. The DI's will make you wish you had never went through it. ( Why )???? I will tell you why. Because Boots like you will be made squad leader in boot camp, And immediately you wil let the fact that you were ROTC go to your head and the Drill instructors will brake it off in your rear side. Why ? because you have no clue about leadership and what it takes to lead Marines. Secondly good choice on your MOS the 03 field is the Marine Corps. All other MOS's are here in support of the Grunt. But remember this. As you progress through your life in the Marine Corps as a grunt you must always take care of your people first, And because you have no leadership skill is why you will get thrashed in boot camp because of your ROTC time. Trust me. I would thrash you.

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    Do your best, sound off, remember no matter how well you are doing a task its not good enough, study your knowledge while on fire watch, taking a ****, squaring your uniform away for the next day. You're platoon is only as strong as the weakest link (good applicable cliche). Your platoon comes first.

    most important DONT **** OFF YOUR SDI he's your dad, the one who protects you from the greenbelts and most importantly the one who can make your life hell.

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