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    Smile Hearing Test

    I just had a hearing test with the VA and everything was ok 5 years ago but now my right ear was 45db and speech was 84% and my left ear was 55db and speech was 76% all was service contected from vietnam will this be hard to get 10%. Would someone let me know how things look.THANK YOU ALL
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    You don't say what your db loss at 1000hz is, ( must be about 20 to get the VA's 44 average) VA uses loss @ 1000; 2000; 3000 and 4000 averaged to get half of the criteria, the other half is the speech discrimination %. Using the numbers that you gave, (avg % loss @ 44 and speech discrimination @ 76%) the rating schedule table shows a rating of 0%. To get to 10% you need an average % loss of 50 to 57, which when combined with the speech discrimination of 76% would give you a 10% rating. Because the VA rates hearing loss so much different from the military, you could have hearing loss so severe by military standards that you would not be allowed to enlist or reenlist, yet still be rated 0% by the VA for disability purposes. A private hearing test might help, or at least give you something to offset the VA hearing exam for the purpose of appealing the decision. In any case, get yourself a accredited representative from the American Legion, VFW, MCL, FRA or other service organization to help you with this claim. Good Luck

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    I just got my rating for hearing loss at 0 percent. I have a 76 percent speech discrimination, 40 db loss at 2000hz, 60 db loss at 3000hz, 55 db loss at 4000hz, and there average is 44 in my left ear. My question is how my rating is 0. What is the hearing loss requirements to get 10 percent disability. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

    I have had 10 percent for hearing loss for 38 years there is no money attached to this percentage. I even have a hearing add, and the VA wont send me to speech classes until I go deaf again.

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    My rating was also 0 percent, But they did give me hearing ades for both ear's

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    Can anyone out there give me an opinion on the following audiology test from VA.? My MOS In the Army was 112.00 Heavy Weapons. I recently filed for bilateral hearing loss and tinnitus.. Here goes:

    Right Ear:
    Mile sloping to moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss. Poor word discrimination abilityh at 40%

    Left Ear:
    Normal hearing through 500Hz, sloping to mild to severe sensorineural hearing loss. Fair word discrimination ability at 68%

    Outcome Measure Results:

    Hearing handicap Inventory for the Elderly-Screeing (HHIE-S) Score-40.

    Fail-Score 23-40 with severe significant perceived hearing handicap per patient report.


    Ear impressions for binaural hearing aids.

    Thank You.

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    I went to the Veterans Affairs office where I live and filed a claim with the VA. I did not file because I was looking for disability but I did file because I presently wear hearing aids in both ears and I wanted the VA to furnish them. As you guys know aids are very expensive these days.

    The claim took a year and I received a letter stating that I was not bad enough for disability pay, but they would furnish the aids. I get my aids on 22 Sept 2010. Saves me about $4,000.00. All this took about 16 months total, but it was well worth the wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crate78 View Post
    I'm service connected in my left ear with 0% disability at this time, and not service connected in my right ear. Go figure.

    Didn't you wear your Mickey Mouse Ears around on the flight line?

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    From Marine MOM ...I happen to be an Audiologist CCC-A,

    If you have any issues with your percent disability, ask for your full test, Ask the Audiolgist one else - no assistants, to review your specific test results and how they calculated your percent disability. Ask for the formula. There is only one formula---be sure to check the math ( or get a buddy to check the math).

    Its hard to get disability on hearing. Be sure to keep your results for eternity. If you go to a private sector job, you will have to prove what your hearing levels were prior to employment in case you get further job related loss.
    In the mean time - if you are required to wear (or hearing protection is provided) wear it!!!! Don't get written up for NOT wearing it. Don't risk any more loss.

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    I lost part of my hearing back in 1970 after I came out of Vietnam while at Japan with 1/9 Walking Dead. I was deaf for 3 months could not hear a word one of the most loneness months of my life.

    Today, I receive 10 % hearing loss from the VA however, there is no money benefit for my loss since I have a higher PTSD benefit over shadows my hearing loss.

    The VA told me back in the 80's that I had shattered both of my vibrator bones in both ears and should have them replaced with a 40 to 50 % chance I would never hear again. I told the VA no thank you.

    Today, I read lips because I do not pick up all the voles in a single word often I repeat "What" repeat that please. I also speak in a loud voice to the point some people think I am yelling at them but I am not because I cannot hear what I am saying I get a cut out a blank spot when speaking and I get no extra money in my benefit because there is no money benefit for hearing loss as I was told by the VA higher ups.

    I hear a little bit better in a quiet room with no outside noises. I had warn a hearing aid back in the 80's until the VA stop repairing them and refused me to get a newer model so, I stop warring one altogether. Today, I get by often I will just act like I know what I hear from other people in a conversation.

    So don't complain the VA is out to kill us anyway learn how to defend yourself from this monster called the VA system.

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    Riven: the VA IS very stingy with hearing loss, that is true, but whatever else the "higher ups" told you is bull$hit... go get yourself an advocate from the American Legion or VFW, and file for an increase in your hearing loss... when you get your hearing loss C&P exam, make no effort at all to try and pass it... be ABSOLUTELY sure that you do, in fact, hear the tone before pushing the button in the audio booth, and don't even try to pass the "word recognition" part of the test.. your hearing loss WILL be increased... however, if all you are rated for is TINNITUS (not hearing loss) the highest evaluation allowed for this IS 10%... good luck....

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    I've been rated for tinnitus since 1968 but the VA was such a bunch of azzholes I told them to stick their money and walked. About 15 years ago I went back, my wife was driving me crazy because I couldn't make out what she was saying much of the time. The VA was a little nicer, they gave me some tests, hearing aids and rated me 10 % for the tinnitus and 0 % for the hearing. This time I took the money and the hearing aids. The aids help but they can't pick up every type of speech like my grandchildren's but I'm happy to get them. I went to a local med university to see if there was something they could do but they just told me I had severe nuero-something hearing loss and was considered disabled by normal disability standards. I was going to appeal but I figured f*ck it there's other vets who need the money more than me.

    I just wish the VA would give us something for tooth problems. When I enlisted I had great choppers but after 13 months of using a tooth brush to clean my weapon and C Rat Chicklets to clean ms teeth they were in real bad shape. Now I'm looking at thousands for implants.

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    I am going thru this now. I got new aids after only 4 months after I first registered and Friday I go for my second hearing test cuz my last one is over 6 months old for my disability. I have been told by the doctors I will get 20% hearing loss and 10% tinnitus. About $400.00 per month plus an extra $40.00 cuz I am married.

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    No, I am rated for bilateral hearing loss due to shatter vibrated bone damage and Tinnitus I only get total 10 percent I fought this for years; I've given up fighting the VA system. When the system tells you here is your 100 percent go have a good life well, it kind of deflates your balloon.

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