va benefits for hearing loss
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    va benefits for hearing loss

    I just got my rating for hearing loss at 0 percent. I have a 76 percent speach discrimination, 40 db loss at 2000hz, 60 db loss at 3000hz, 55 db loss at 4000hz, and ther average is 44 in my left ear. My question is how my rating is 0. What is the hearing loss requirments to get 10 percent disability. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

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    appeal the decision and get another test done if the VA done the first one, get one done from a private doctor if you can. and send those results in also. thats what i had to do and it worked.

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    I was a machine gunner and failed the navy hearing test twice with similar results when I did my final physical. How much does a private test cost? The VA did do the one test and those are the rsults i posted.

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    You don't say what your db loss at 1000hz is, ( must be about 20 to get the VA's 44 average) VA uses loss @ 1000; 2000; 3000 and 4000 averaged to get half of the criteria, the other half is the speech discrimination %. Using the numbers that you gave, (avg % loss @ 44 and speech discrimination @ 76%) the rating schedule table shows a rating of 0%. To get to 10% you need an average % loss of 50 to 57, which when combined with the speech discrimination of 76% would give you a 10% rating. Because the VA rates hearing loss so much different from the military, you could have hearing loss so severe by military standards that you would not be allowed to enlist or reenlist, yet still be rated 0% by the VA for disability purposes. A private hearing test might help, or at least give you something to offset the VA hearing exam for the purpose of appealing the decision. In any case, get yourself a accredited representative from the American Legion, VFW, MCL, FRA or other service organization to help you with this claim. Good Luck

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    If i do appeal this decision and get a representative how long would it take for me to get the results of my appeal.

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    It is service connected. I went to a civilian doctor for an audio test. She found db loss at 1000hz, and 55 db loss at 2000hz,4000hz,and 8000hz.But I had no problem with her speach test. It may be that her test was one word and the VA's was a sentence.She also found I have no outer hair cell function which is common in hearing loss. She wrote a letter with her findings as well as the actual test reults. Is this enough for the VA to overturn the rating from 0 to 10 percent. If so how long would it take for me to get the results from my appeal. Any further help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm service connected in my left ear with 0% disability at this time, and not service connected in my right ear. Go figure.


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    If you appeal, you can expect to wait anywhere from 18 to 24 months for a decision from the BVA. If the evidence supports a higher rating, you might get a decision sooner by requesting a DRO (decision review officer) review of your claim at the regional office level as part of your Notice of Disagreement...check with your representative about approximate time frames for a DRO review and BVA appeal.
    The speech discrimination test SHOULD be more than one word! If all the tester did was a one word speech discrimination test, GET ANOTHER TEST, "cause that one is not worth anything. You have to have the db loss and low speech discrimination to get a compensable rating for hearing loss.

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    I've taken the one word speech recognition test and I think it was valid. It was one word at a time .... kindergarten .... fire engine ... etc etc. They said it you said it back without being able to see who was saying it.

    OSHA gives free or low cost hearing tests and depending on where you are working now your employer could fund a test.

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    Sgt B
    I had punctured ear drums after stepping on the land mine in Viet Nam. I was never checked for hearing loss. About 5 years ago.I complained to the VA and flunked my hearing test in both ears. I was given 2 hearing aids. They said since you never complained and were never seen for the problem,they say NO Disability. Bite Me to the VA. They get you when you can hear,but can't hear what you are trying to tell them.

    bootlace15 out

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    Bootlace...refile your claim for bilateral hearing loss. You will need what the VA calls "new and material evidence" to do this, since it has been more than a year since the claim was denied and you apparently did not appeal the decision. Almost any evidence that you give will be considered "new" if the VA has not considered it previously, but not "material". To be considered "material" the evidence must have existed at the time of the original decision, AND is of such a nature that it would have changed the original decision.... NOW HERE IS HOW YOU GET THEM..... when you refile, cite that your hearing loss is the direct result of combat action! Provide proof of your participation in combat... the award of the purple heart, combat action ribbon, etc. Include copies of the citation with your claim, as well as a copy of your DD214 with the awards listed and highlighted. Cite VA regulation 3.102-1, REASONABLE DOUBT, the last sentence of which states " The reasonable doubt doctrine is also applicable even in the absence of official records, perticularly if the basic incident allegedly arose under combat, or similarly strenuous conditions, and is consistent with the probable results of such known hardships". Once you claim that your hearing loss is the result of combat and provide proof that you were in combat, the VA is obligated to reopen your claim as the combat evidence will be considered "New and MATERIAL". When you reopen your claim, also file for bilateral tinnitus (ringing in the ears). When the VA asks "how long have you had this problem" or something similar, your answer is : it STARTED IN VIETNAM and I have had it ever since!!!!!!! The tinnitus is good for 10%, and the amount for the hearing loss depends on the %db loss and % of speech recognition combined a I stated in an earlier post. As long as the VA cannot blame your hearing loss on some post service event like working in a high noise environment after service, you CAN win this claim. If you are a focused on providing the necessary evidence to support your claim as you were in completing boot camp, you can win!!
    BTW... the VA providing hearing aids IS NOT evidence that will support your claim...a 10% rating for ANYTHING will get you hearing aids or eyeglasses, or both if you need them.

    Semper Fi and good luck

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    hearing lost

    thanks for the information. I will begin the process. I just had my VA Comp evaluation,they wanted to see if there was any improvment on my left leg. Fat chance on that. I am also filing on secondary conditions from injuries. I now have to have my wife help me get out of bed everyday. I can't stand for very long due to circulation problems. Its a mess.I've had 5 skin grafts in the past 2 years. Since the nerves are damaged and there is circulation problems,the skin will never attach for very long. The doctor said preventitive medicine will help save my leg. I get the full benifit of an amputee,but I still have limited use of the legs,yeah right......... Damn little. I am not complaining,I'd do it again right this minute if I could. Oh how I miss my friends and brothers.

    Thanks again for the help. I'll keep you informed..........

    bootlace15 out

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