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    Question about MOS

    Ok now that im in the correct section....

    I took A.S.V.A.B and scored 120+ on all sections I don't know if thats good or bad and was offered a contract + Signing bonus for Communications, but was planning on going infantry and possibly making scout sniper (tough I know) however if communications is good (I don't know much about it except for what my recruiter has told me and thats not much; and from what I have read) then I will take the contract for Com, any Info would be nice


    Ship date Oct 8th 07

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    Those ASVAB scores are good. you can join any MOS you want, I believe. As far as choosing what Oc-field to go in, it's up to you. The signing bonus will be good for you now but if you want to be a sniper you don't want to regret coosing comm. I'm in the Combat Photographer field and I enjoy the opportunities I get even though I'm not a grunt.

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    The same advice I give everyone is to get the most technical training you can get, and to consider your future after the Marine Corps, whether you do one tour, or a career. IF you cut the mustard, you would be in a better position to decide to try a lateral move into an 03 field for an infantry MOS, and attempt to meet the quals for a specialized MOS like a scout sniper after your first tour. The signing and reenlistment bonuses are not to be discounted, and the financial boost they provide early in your young life / career won't hurt any. After the Corps, your resume will open many more doors with technical experience like comm.

    Good luck with your decision!

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