My 2nd Generation Marine
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    Well I'm just bursting with Pride, My son graduates Marine Corps Boot Camp MCRD San Diego next Friday 9-21-07,

    I just wanted to post now since we will be flying out early next week to attend his Eagle Globe and Anchor Ceremony, and Graduation.

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    Congradulations, dad. You will soon have a brother for a son. What more could be asked for?

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    Congratulations. I know the feeling very well. My oldest son has been in for 2 years now. His younger brother graduates from PI on Novemebr 9-07, So sparky is correct how do you explain to grandma that your sons are your brothers as well.

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    Congratulations to all! My father cried like a baby when I received the title Marine so my mother tells me. He might be an old Marine but you talk bad about his Marines you might want to take a few steps back. Again congratulations to all!

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