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    Exclamation Grunt educational level

    I am looking foward to joining the Corps but i wanted to see if i could get into it with a GED only so that i can get in sooner ive allready decided this is what i want to do is be a grunt so could i get in with a GED only Thanks to all that reply

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    If you're still in High School, finish it. You'll thank yourself later that you earned your diploma.

    One of the things Marines are known for is to finish what they start. Being a Marine is a noble goal, but you shouldn't sacrifice your long-term accomplishments for short-term benefit.

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    but ive basically been wanting to do this sence i was around 7 and i dont really want to do anything else but be all i can be

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    you have to have a diploma or a GED with 15 credit hours to get in

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    thats what im looking to do is get a GED

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    Well, I'm got a Good Enough Diploma myself,(I was homeschooled my entire life, I've never been to a day of school that isn't college) and it does make it a lot harder to get in if you don't have any college credits. I believe my recruiter said that from about every 30 or so that they ship to Boot Camp, only 1 can have a GED. So, it is possible to get in with just a GED, but you'll have to do a lot of working, waiting, and hoping until they can get a slot open for you. Since you want 0300 that makes it easier I would think because there is always a need for more people in that MOS. It also is made easier since you want to ship as soon as you can.

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    Don't be stupid. Get your high school diploma. Our Corps will be here for you. Trust me, my SDI told me he made lots of enemies for us in Iraq. We won't be out of a job any time soon.

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    yah becouse basically thats my only goal in life is to be a grunt and ive allready told the recruiter this too so basically i hope i can get in ASAP

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    Now hear this I for one am ticked off at the thought of a GED. For one they are not as easy to pass as you seem to believe. Two my Marine Corps only allows 5% of total force to enlist with a GED. If you are in school stay in school even if it means 2 or 3 more years. My Marine Corps has been around almost 232 years and it will wait for you to qualify yourself. We Marines don't look for the easy path we just aren't used to anything easy. Besides your last two years of high school are a blast enjoy them.


    No better friend/No worse enemy

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    First of all, I live in Waterford.

    Secondly, Please heed my advice on this one. Your hunger and desire are commendable! But, you need to learn PATIENCE. You want to be the best, right? The best isn't the strongest, fastest, smartest, or hungriest. It is all of these things combined. A Marine you could be, but that isn't the end goal, it's merely the beginning. If you want to be a Marine, you will need to make good decisions. Instinct - Yes, it's a part of it. But good instinct is matured like a fine wine into killer instinct only with training, maturity and time. FYI - Many Marines do not make a career in the USMC. If you do, let's say 4 active years, where do you go when you get out?? You may do just fine in life with only a HS diploma or GED, but you create much better odds for yourself with further education.

    Becoming a Marine doesn't mean that you get to avoid college, it means that your education continues, just from a military perspective, and it's not easy. Your MOS school, even infantry, is no joke. If you take a more technical MOS, the schools can go from 6 weeks to well over a year. If you make a career out of it, you will want to get promoted as much as and quickly as possible. Your intelligence may get you by, but your (lack of) education becomes somewhat obvious eventually. Eventually you would likely want to look into going back to college if you want to make a career, which you help you make SNCO or maybe even to try to become a mustang Warrant Officer or get a commission as a Marine Officer.

    You may have some sound arguments why you want this so badly and don't want to wait. I think you should back up a step, look ahead, past the next 6 months, and look at the next 30 years too. Picture where you want to be, and what you hope to accomplish by the time you are 50, and set a path to get there. You can have most anything in life if you have realistic goals, and work hard doing what it takes to acheive those goals.

    I'm not trying to talk you out of this!!! I'm hoping to give you a different opinion that will make you a better Marine. We do not settle for mediocrity!! Set high goals for yourself, then ACHEIVE them. The Marines will only show you how to do it - the rest is yours to live with.

    Good luck! Since we live about 5 minutes apart, I would gladly meet with you face to face, and/or help you out, discuss your ideas, maybe even do some PT together. E-mail me via PM and I'll give you a phone number if you're interested.


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    Wow, Chumly! Spot on Devil!

    If you don't mind, I'm going to blatanly plaigarize that the next I need to counsel on the benefits of getting an education.

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    Have at it Bro! I've typed the same thing a few times before, but I'm gonna keep repeating it. An NCO's job is to help out a little brother. I wish I had listened to good advice a little more ofter than I had when I was his age.


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    take my words in consideration as well...i myself have a GED i didn't do it because i just wanted to get it i dropped out of high school because i had to support my family and work 60 hours a week at 16 years old...and i wish i had a reg diploma, i don't have any college credits just job experience thankfully I'm good at what i do and i make crappy pay, not much that will get me but barely through it pays the bills and leaves money for gas n food....and to spend on the girlfriend.......a measly 10 bucks an hour isn't much when you ar supporting yourself and another, stay in school,,,hell better yet wait even longer before enlisting get yourself a college education, I'm great with computers so I'm lucky to be in a field where the minimum wage is like 10 bucks an hour...but for most people with a GED they have really hard time getting any jobs at all, and like it has been mentioned before the Corps will wait on you the Corps isn't going anywhere anytime soon its been around a hell of along time and it'll be around forever so you don't have to be afraid of missing out on anything

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    The recruiter told me 15 college credits with my GED to enlist, and they have to be college level classes.

    And like imaproshooter said. Its rough trying to get employment with a GED.

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