Vietnam Memorial Wall Defaced
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    Vietnam Memorial Wall Defaced

    I can't seem to find any main stream media reporting on the defacing of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in DC over this past weekend.

    It would appear that the damage is permanent, probably an acid.

    The vandals are left wing freaks and certainly not Americans.

    I personally fought and lost blood in that war. 25 of the names on that Wall were friends,.

    it's not only a crime, it's a disgrace to deface a memorial dedicated to those who gave their lives for our country.

    I can't frame into words the negative effect this incident is having on me and my fellow Veterans who are aware of the incident.

    I've been depressed since I read the articles on the internet yesterday morning, and am more depressed today, my PTSD has really kicked in.

    Americans need to get it together, the radical LEFT is propagating our destruction.

    If it's a fight they wany, it's a fight they will be getting.

    There are many Veterans heading to DC this weekend, The Mission “To Protect the Wall”.

    Cindy Sheehan’s group has gone way too far this time, and it needs to stop, right here and right now.

    This one is going to get ugly.

    Semper Fi,

    Bob Neener
    SGT USMC, Vietnam 1965-1966

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    No Respect anymore!


    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine

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    I have known since It was put up that I could never go and see it. My reverance is too great. Now you tell me there is true evil that would do such as that. In tears I must Protest. My war is not over, NEVER. God help me.

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    if the person or persons are found that did this to our Memorial,they should die for their cause,as did the brave men and women displayed on Our Wall died for everyones cause. The freedom we faught for has now ended,the Scumbag mother ****ers. My brother John Miller's name is on Our Wall. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him or his family. Those rotten bastards that destroyed Our wall Shall Never Be Forgiven,The Son Of A *****es!!!!!!!!!! **** THEM and the horse they rode in on.............
    bootlace15 out

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    The "Wall" has been defaced! Is this the legacy of the Anti-war crowd? Where is the respect?Some one has defaced the “Wall” just days before a “Big Anti-war rally”.

    A group of veterans and their families (Gathering of eagles, move america forward, Rolling thunder, etc...) had gone to protect the Wall from groups they knew wanted to deface the wall during the protests, but the scum beat them there.

    Is this really the “anti-war” mindset?

    Destroy! Attack! Violate!

    Huh… I thought only the “Pro-war” people were the evil, destructive and hateful ones who are disrespecting our troops and their sacrifices.

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    Cool Eye-for An Eye


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    Call us up Fist. I stand ready.

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    All I can come up with is WOW! That's pitiful when somebody stoops THAT low and has NO respect at all!

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    I was not in Nam, but I too have brothers on The Wall. For those that have never been there and for those that have, I offer this pic I took in '04. I met Doc that morning during the staging for Rolling Thunder. He is playing Amazing Grace and I will openly admit that I totally lost it, that day, at that place.

    Semper Fidelis, Brothers! Rest in Peace!


    Attached Images Attached Images

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    You Aint that old brother.... never forget.

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    The Wall has always been a very difficult trip for me to make. I’ve been there on 3 occasions over the past 20 years, and every time I have had to force my outer self to stand tall, when I’m crumbling inside.

    This was an act of desecration against all Veterans, of all wars.

    These despicable low life’s who did this do not deserve the life we so dearly protected with ours.

    Semper Fi,
    Bob Out - By the way, alcohol doesn’t help

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    I spent my time in Nam serving Country and Corps. Afterwards I sent my donation to help have the Wall build to honor the men and women who died serving our great country. But where do these lower than whale sh*t slimeballs get the idea they have the right to dishonor us and those who died in the service of our country? I can think of multitude of punsihments (torture) I would like to see done to these turds if they are caught. Maybe we can hire former NVA & Cong torturers to inflict the big hurt on them.

    It is a lack of respect and morals that were never nproperly instilled and enforced in those that did the defacing. I didn't serve to protect their right to destroy and/or deface private and public property. Jail in this country is too good for them.

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    To My Brother Marines who served in Vietnam.

    In my eyes this type of attitude is the begining of a civil war, and I for one will take pleasure in "paying back" these punk pieces of ****.

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    I had two uncles go to Nam. One was in the Corps and the other was career Air Force. His plane went down in Cam Ranh Bay when i was a toddler and his name is on the Wall.

    I joined this elite Fraternity back in 1984 and to hear that this happened has angered me.

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    vietnam wall defaced

    I was too young for 'nam but I remember as a kid seeing Walter Cronkite night after night reporting and bringing footage of the days events to the nation.I am 46 now,but I was brought up that regardless of the fact of whether or not you disagree a particular thought or policy there still needs to be respect for others.At this point I find the actions to be cowardly,in that someone(s) would go and deface a memorial of this stature,I have a cousin who served in 'nam and all the vets ever wanted when they came home was respect as a citizen that answered the call when Uncle Sam drafted them.You did'nt have to agree with the cause.I think that if the so called dissenters wanted to make a point then they ought not hide like cowards.Many times in my life I choose to march to the beat of a different drummer,because I did'nt believe in the cause at hand,even when the masses were,and I was chastised time and again,by others who thought it simpler to just give the lip service,than suffer the consequences of dissent,but I would'nt do it because I had to respect myself and not be a traitor to my ideals.I was labeled bullheaded,stubborn,anti-social etc... as a result.Thats what this wall gave me was that right and as a vet I take personal offense at the knotheads who chose to disgrace their own ideas by vandalizing this revered place. BOIL THEM IN OIL SEMPER FI SkilletsUSMC I want to help ya. I am greatly saddened by these events as well as P.O.'d

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