Local Marines, sailors set for deployment

September 11, 2007
BY KENDRICK MARSHALL kmarshall@scn1.com

Local Marines and sailors are preparing for deployment in less than a month to aid military efforts in the Middle East.

More than 100 sailors from Weapons Company made up of the 2nd Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, and the 4th Marine Division will train and then head to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Marines will conduct a few months of intense training and then head to Iraq for seven months of combat operations, said Maj. Rob Weiler.

The brigade, traditionally known as Weapons Company, has already moved into a mobile assault company unit. The mobile assault company includes Marines and sailors from the Chicago area and Wisconsin.

Many of the troops will be making a second tour of duty in Iraq, and Weiler said he is pleased that many of the Marines have been willing to make the sacrifice to endure another long mission.

"We are extremely grateful to the families, community and employers for the continued support of their fellow servicemen and women," he said. "Knowing that they are supported encourages them to endure the demanding training and deployment."