Where's my Coffee?
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    Where's my Coffee?

    Gosh darn ever since Gary took a few days off, nobody's been around to make Coffee.

    Sophora I see you over there, sitting there watching the morning Arizona sun, smoking that first cigarette of the morning.

    Lady you could have started the coffee going, then I would have poured me a cup and sat there right next to you and we could have seen the sunrise together.

    Where's the Drifter this morning? Getting his beauty sleep I bet, he needs it...LOL

    OH, well anybody seen my coffee cup? guess I'll have to use this wide open mouth cup. I hate this type, doesn't keep the coffee warm.

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    Humm What's this?

    Someone left this trumpet on this table.

    I wonder if I can still do it?

    It's gona wake everyone up if I do!

    naw, I shouldn't.

    Yeah, I'll do it.


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    Where's My Coffee

    Ok Now You Can Say that is a Wake Up Call..........

    It's the only day I can sleep in......and get this strange trumpet playing telling me to get the Hell Up..........

    I don't know where your coffee cup is at this moment but I do have mine...........

    so, here is your darn coffee.....and now I'm going back to Sleep....



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    Well look what I found!

    Found this cup under the sink, looks brand new....

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