I just got off CNN. Com and I'm majorly ticked about what I saw. All of these anti-war protesters have their rights but they can go too far sometimes. What is wrong with some people??? Lying down in the middle of the downtown area in NY mocking a war scene and dressing up with stage makeup and old flea market vietnam era utilities for protests. They do all this and have the nerve to call it patriotism. An insult to armed forces history and present. All of the protesters shout "SHAME" and "No Blood For Oil" confidentally thinking thats what's going on. They aren't aware of the people tortured by Saddam's orders, or the men women and children of all ages killed by his testing chemical/nerve/biological agents on thier village, or people being human shields for his armed forces. Controlling the Iraqi people with propoganda of us wanting thier oil and its our fault they're under harsh circumstances. The protesters want more proof that they pose a direct threat to the U.S. Saddam has done all the things that another acknowledged threat in history has. Hitler!!! It was too late back then but not now. They all say they support our troops but not the Administration's decision to go to War!!!They rally and protest infront of goverment buildings chanting wanting to make an impression and exercise thier God given rights while they critcize our goverment under the american flag. I say take your signs and buddies over there and stand in the middle of the desert between Iraqi and allied forces and see how much they care about your views:emark: :emark: :emark: