Cell Phone use during MCT Training in NC
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    Unhappy Cell Phone use during MCT Training in NC

    Hi, I just became a member of Leatherneck.com, because I have a questions and concerns, I'm hoping to have answered. I got married back in January of 07 and my husband joined the marines 4 months later, he is now in MCT in Jacksonville, NC. He was told he could bring his cell phone. When he got there he was told no phones and that I would get his address soon. I called his recruiter asap, he said that my husband would be able to call on weekends, and sometimes at night after training during the week. I don't know what to believe. I'm afraid it will be bootcamp all over again.

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    You need to finish your profile----but you heard correct, he will be able to call you when he's off duty!

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    Sorry, ma'am. No cell phone use at night. On the East coast at MCT they are given a few hours of libo on Sunday in which he most certainly should be able to call you.

    Don't you worry, though. MCT is short. Bootcamp all over again isn't the best way to put it, IMO. This is 1/4 the duration of bootcamp, and he will get time on Sundays.

    You'll get through it just fine, I promise. I'm a married Marine as well, and I remember my wife wasn't too thrilled about this, but she considers it, "Some damn good training," because it got her used to not always being able to talk to her spouse for a while.

    That kind've stuff will get easier and alot quicker than you may think, if you let it. Take care.

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    Patience is a virtue. Things always change.

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    It still aggravates me though. It's just that lately everything that we've been told Aaron(my hubby) would be allowed to do, he can't. He told me that they were taking cell phones away tomorrow. I just hate letters.

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    The perils of the Marine Corps. Get used to it! It will be like this for the next 4-6-8 or 20 years! Welcome to the best family in the world!

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    It's because your husband is being misinformed. Try and judge the subtle details of the Marine Corps experience (little things such as phones at MCT, libo hours, etc etc) from those who have recently undergone those experiences, not someone who did it a few years ago.

    I mean no disrespect to those who came before us, but my recruiter as well was terribly wrong with what went on at MCT and MOS school because he only knew what it was like when he was there; he wasn't very up to date on it.

    Your best bet would be to ask one who just went through it (yes I'm aware that you don't have a box of recently-made Marines on the shelf in your pantry, but you get the idea).

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    lol but she does have one on her desk.......and theres a file in that box titled leatherneck.com

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    okay..soo who here has recently gone through it because its killing me. I got a text message from him at 4 this morning..replied to it, and got no response, I'm just lost in what is going on. It's like I get a message once in a while, and no response. I'm like..did he sneak it? Can he sneak it? Or did the officer in charge take them from all the guys. It seems like since he joined the marine corp we can't get a straight answer.

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    You need to be strong for Your Husband..now.

    You NEED to learn PATIENCE and Your questions Will Be Answered by Him..
    He is Married to Corps....


    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine


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    to answer your question.....well as far as the MCT side goes..i dunno if they took their phones away or not..i was in ITB which means i was there longer and for more indepth training.....and i always snuck txt messages out to my girlfriend as often as i could i couldnt have a conversation with her but i would sneak txts out jsut letting her know i love her and miss her and all so she knew i was still thinkin bout her and what not and that sounds like what he may be doing as well

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    well I got a text yesterday from him saying "last one" like last text and I haven't gotten one since. So I'm sure they took phones away. I just hope he will be able to call if and when he gets liberty. I've been told over and over that MCT is not boot camp, but by everything that is going on communication wise it seems that it is. It's just something I have to cope with.

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    The first 3 weeks they are on restricted duty..

    No Cell Phones

    Stay on base...

    So on so on..

    If the get caught...You can visualize what is going to happen to them..

    My daughter works on base and she talks to these Marines who explain a few details to her....
    They know she is a Brat.....


    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine


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    lol im glad ITB was alot more relaxed then MCT is.....

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    So basically no cell phones during mct..because mct is 21 days....3 weeks. Is it true they get liberty though? Because I remember, the last sunday of basic training they got liberty and I got a phone call from aaron.

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