Finally DEPping in!
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    Finally DEPping in!

    Or starting my journey to, at least. My parents finally signed my paperwork last night, however, I have some documents about anti-depressent use going up to MEPS. My recruiter said there is a good chance it will get DQd and have to go to BUMED, but ultimatly I should be alright.

    Just happy that I have finally, officially, kicked everything off!


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    Great news man. Keep thinking positive.

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    Thanks. I have to admit, the thing about the probable DQ and such is a bit nerve racking. If it isn't rejected I head up to MEPS tomorrow evening. Ultimately I am relativly sure it will work out. I have doctors letters and all, and am otherwise a model prospect. My recruiters, though weary, also seemed to think it was more than doable.


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    Yeah I know what you mean. I had asthma but I have no way to prove that I don't have it anymore. So I thought they would disqualify me for that. But I just let the process roll, plus the doctors say if I can loose 80lbs and not experience a Asthma attack at all. Then i grew out of it.

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    Let us know how it goes @ MEPS

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    So it sounds like they are somewhat lenient where they can be? My recruiter said the doctor that was there was pretty logical and understanding, but they just got a new one that he doesn't know about.


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    the fact that the recruiter took the time to help you sounds good to me!

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    My recruiter has been excellent. He takes the time once a week to PT with us, and than usually talks with us for a couple hours as well. We were all told that once we look him in the eye and tell him we want to be Marines, he will do everything he can to make that possible. He is probably the most motivated and motivating person I have ever seen. This past week, however, I have been dealing witht he NCOIC as my recruiter just had his first son.

    I am hoping the phone call this AM is good news giving me the clearence to go up to MEPS to DEP in. I'll keep you all posted.


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    Well I haven't been DQd, but MEPS is requesting the actual files, and the doc won't be back from his vacation until Monday. Apparently they aknowleged that I am in fact a "promising candidate"


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    Congrats. Don't get bummed if you get DQ'ed, it happened to me and it took just a little more time to getting accepted, about a week in my case.

    Best of luck.

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    Don't feel down. I thought I had to get a waiver for my irregular heartbeat when I went to Meps. My recruiter got all of my medical files from my cardiologists and EKGs and gave them to Meps. Turns out, the Doctors listened to my heart and couldn't hear any problems so they cleared me and I didn't need waiver after all.

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    I got DQ'd my first day at MEPs (on a mission day) for having too much earwax in my ears, even though I passed the hearing test with flying colors. My recruiter was so ****ed at the doctor. Haha. He drove my to a nearby doctors office had my ears cleaned and took me back the next day.

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    I've heard of people getting dqed for having skid marks in their drawers, but never ear wax. That's a bit extreme. In the docs defence, I wouldn't want to see that mess either if I had to look at that kind of thing all day.

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    BUMED recommended me so I am going up to MEPS Sunday night. I'll let you all know how it goes, I'm stoked!


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    Always Faithful.

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