Good Luck to all Poolees
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    Good Luck to all Poolees

    I'm going to military school on this Thursday. It's a boarding school so I live there and I won't get to come home for 30 days to start, and then my time home is limited. I do have a computer at school in my room but between classes,sports, and activities, I won't have much time to sit in front of the computer. So because my computer time will be limited for at least 30 days and probably more, I just want to say GOOD LUCK to all Poolees leaving sometime in 30 days. Thanks to all the poolees that have talked to me and giving me advice, i know you all will do great in boot camp. I hope to talk to all of you soon as Marines!!!

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    Enjoyed chatting with you on sunday chat. Good luck to yourself, you still got a few more years to go. Stay motivated and kick ass in school.

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    Take care James. If you get near a computer, I expect to hear from you, ya hear?

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    Yes sir,when I get the chance I'll be here.

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    Good Luck man and take care of yourself. Stay Motivated

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