Question about MOS 0811 Artillery Canoneer
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    Question about MOS 0811 Artillery Canoneer

    I'm scheduled to ship off Agust 27th... Im suppose to get my license so i can qualify for Communications... Thing is Now im interested in artillery... Does anyone know if I need a license in order to qualify for this job??? Thing is my roadtest is scheduled the day im suppose to ship nd I have been waiting 2 months to ship off due to the fact I failed English nd needed to go to Summer school...

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    I would imagine you could be an 0811 without a license, but it is something that would help if you had it. The arty pieces don't get in place by themselves.

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    A driver's license? No, you don't need one for Arty.
    Why would you need one for comm?

    E4B, do they really need a state issued driver's license to drive military vehicles (tactical)? I thought the motor pool issued those things after some training and tests.

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    When I got mine they didn't. We had to take the California written test and then the road and off-road driving test in the hummer. But, later I know that they were saying you have to have a civy license to get the military license.

    It doesn't make sense other than making it easier on the people teaching you to drive a hummer.

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    In 1969 when I enlisted at the age of 17 I had no drivers license from Tennessee or any where else. Yet I was authorized to drive a 1/4 ton (jeep), 2 1/2 ton (6X), 5 ton, plus all heavy equipment we had. They never asked if I had a civilian license, they gave classes and test at the motor pool and equipmet yards.

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