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    Question Weight Requirements

    A friend of mine who’s planning to enter the DEP in the summer heard from her recruiter that seven pounds have been added to the weight requirements. (Just to make sure I didn’t word that in a funky way, the max weight for my height was 125 pounds, according to her it would now be 132 pounds.)

    I did some research on the internet but found all the weights to be the same as before. (At least for my height.) Does anyone know if there’s any validity to this or have any idea as to where to look to find out?

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    When I DEP'd in back in October, there was some discussion about that when they were weighing us. I am not certain, but I do believe there were some changes made, though I'm not sure what those changes are.

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    Hmm ... okay, thanks.

    It just seemed too good to be true. I'll have to keep tabs of what's going on as far as this goes.

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    When I went to MEPS, there were no changes in the weight reqs. I was hoping, but no such luck. If it is true, I'd say they are taking their time implementing the new reqs.

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