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    Hello To all

    I just wanted to take a quick second to introduce myself. My name is mark, I have been a member for a few weeks now, and have posted a few times. I am a poolee, shiping out june 16th. it seems to me that you all know each other, and I just want you to know me as well. I will be joining in on more conversations from know on. thats all for now. thanks for reading this.

    Semper Fi, To the Corps.
    Mark Rowan

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    Welcome aboard! You've been smart! Lay back and see what's goin' on, before ya jump in!

    Some of us ain't been here long and others been around since the beginning! Ya oughta fit right in.

    Ya know how we play! LOL.

    Congratulations! You've made the first step on yer way to becoming a United States Marine!


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    Hey there, poolee! Glad to meet ya! You've found a great place, here. Hope you find your stay as helpful and informative as mine has been.

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    Welcome aboard Marine. Your in good company

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    Hey poolee. You and me are shipping out on the same date. i graduate June 13th and ship out June 16th.

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    Hey Poolee......I wont be here that long hopefully...Im Leaving for sure on April 7th....if nothing goes wrong....i cant wait to leave....kinda scared of the unknown...but my cousins told me what they do to the quittors at boot, so i definitly wont be quiting..."Im gonna love it" from what my cousin says....im ready...cant wait to train....OOOH-RAAH!!!

    Semper Fi

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    Hey Poolee, Welcome Aboard! Grab a water bottle and a place on the floor to PT....Good Luck in your preparation and your journey. Glad to meet ya!

    Yours in Intensity,


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