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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowwing
    Okay then, you were the greatest warrior to have served from 84-88!

    It will make a fine comic serial. Much better than Sgt Rock!
    You mean better than "Wonder Woman"! Call it "Wonder Marine Woman". Camo bikini with the Vulture/8 Ball and Hook emblems!

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    Hey Jinelson, I was a Remington Raider (0151/0141/0161) and we were the best of the best LOL but certainly not Recon, maybe an admin assigned to a recon Hq unit, but that's about it. Yes we could make people disappear, make you a hero, or a slime. A good Admin clerk can be a powerful asset. Though the 1stSgt called me a Remington raider I never actually get to use the Remington typewriter, we were using IBM Selectric s by then. They were huge green monsters. In 1978 At Hq FMFLant, they introduced the "word processors, IBM computers with Word programs. Won't know if any other unit got them before us but that was the firsat time I saw them. Now to my knowledge it is all computerized.

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    They are hush hush unit. LMAO Seriously though, We "Remington Raiders" are the Cpl Radars of the Marine Corps.

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    Granted the jobs of those in the different MOS may be different, but it takes all MOS's to make up the Mean Green Machine. Yes, Grunts may joke about wing wipers, and Admins, Admins may call a grunt "dumb" (though there is nothing dumb about a grunt). But only we have the right to do so, we have all gone through the same Basic Training and serve on all the same bases, and when the bullets start flying it doesn't matter, we all bleed the same. I served as an Admin clerk. If I screwed up the records, grunts did not get paid, did not eat or get the gear theyy needed to do the job. Bottom line, it doesn't matter what your job is, its part of what makes the Corps run.

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    Well said Chumley. Duality, I too hope that you were not ridiculed by my comments. One thing you will find is that most Marines hasve a sense of humor, yes there are a few gruff ones, but for the most part most of us like to have fun every now and then. At the 1st MarDiv I worked in an office where several grunts worked as Admins (The term Remington Raiders was still being used, though that brand of typewriter was not) we got to joking around one day, they were saying how much better Marines grunts were. So I typed a note: While you are wasting your time reading this message, one of my snipers is zeroed in on your dumb ass. Good bye." Just remember, no matter what MOS, do not understimate a Marine.

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    You guys got any personal preferences about what you'd like to be written about you? Anything you feel needs to be said?[/QUOTE]

    This is from the USMC Archive at Quantico.

    "Of the approximately 5000 Marines who went into ( the Combined Action Program) less than half survived. It has been estimated that 70% were wounded once, 40% were wounded twice, and approximately 65% received decorations for heroism. In 1968, the Combined Action Program comprised less than 3% of all U.S. personnel in the I Corps area, yet they accounted for 43% of the eneny KIAs. This program was the smallest combat unit existing in Vietnam, but it was also the most highly decorated."

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    Proud to have been a Remington Raider (0161)!!! That's exactly the term the Senior DI used when he annouced my MOS that fateful day in 1974!

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    Roger that. Semper Fi

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