0622, how long is school?
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    0622, how long is school?

    Hello Marines I Have a pretty simple question. I just graduated from boot camp last week and im off to MOS school first, not mct. We were briefed on MCT before we all left, but a small ammount of us are going to MOS school first. I was wondering if anyone could fill me in on what 0622 MOS school training is like, and how long it is. Thanks alot Semper Fi

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    That was my MOS- not many of them out there these days. You will first complete training for 0621 (field radio operator) and then you will complete training for mobile multichannel equipment operator where you will learn to operate and install the AN/MRC-142 and AN/TRC 170 V(3). When I went through both schools were 8 weeks long. There would be a little time in between as well.

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    Echo Four Bravo are you saying that the course for 0621 is 8 weeks, and then the additional training is 8 more weeks? so that would be a total of 16, or just 8 in all? Also what was life like there? Lots of PT or more relaxed? What was the housing like also? Thanks alot Semper Fi

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    It is a total of 16 weeks, and there will usually be a week before you start the 0621 school and then another week or 2 before you start the 0622 school. But, it has been a long time since I went through classes. I got there sometime around July 15 or so and graduated on December 7 of 1995.

    The barracks were (and still were a couple of years ago) four people to a room. It isn't bad, but the rooms were intended to be 3 man rooms, so it is a little crowded. The PT was pretty intense, running through the sand can be difficult at times. The course work isn't all that difficult, but it isn't something you can just ignore- particularly once you get to the second school. The TRC-170 is a pretty complicated piece of equipment, so you'll need to spend a little time studying it. (When you get to the fleet you will discover that knowing what you're doing with the radios can make a world of difference, because some people will have never be able to do more than the bare minimum.)

    The atmosphere is far from boot camp, but it isn't like the fleet either. You're a student and they will be on you to ensure that you do the right things. If you do the things your DIs told you to do you'll be fine. If you try to push things they will make you pretty miserable. There isn't much to do in 29 Palms. We spent a ton of time in the gym and of course in the small e club. If you want to get away from 29 Palms you can rent a car (or find a friend that has one) and drive for 3 hours and be somewhere fun- Palm Springs is even closer than that. 29 Palms was my favorite place in the Marine Corps, it really is what you make it. I hated that I was going there, but quickly decided I liked it.

    Going there before MCT won't hurt you at all when you're going through school, and may help you when you do get to MCT. You'll have a little different view of the Marine Corps than you would if you'd have reported there directly from boot camp.

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    Thanks for all the info Echo_Four_Bravo. I appreciated that because there was a brief on MCT because the majority of everyone was going to MCT after boot camp, so I was kind of in the dark about how long school was and all that stuff. That was a big help. Im leaving today so I wont be around the forum for quite some time lol. Thanks again Semper Fi

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    Have fun in the stumps Marine.

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