Physical Examinations?
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    Physical Examinations?

    I have deep cuts on both my forearms that i sustained in a biking accident. I have been to MEPS and they gave the impression that they thought thye were self inflicted, they said they would let them deal with it at basic training. Can i be disqualified once i get to basic training because of these or if they decide to pull my previous medical history?

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    Red, when you get to boot, you are got. Don't worry, no one will worry 'bout it in boot. You may get a little harassment over it, but that is for you to get over. I can't see you havin a problem,,, Just be honest.

    PS.....Welcome abord.

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    Those nimrods at MEPS seem to know a lot for not knowing you. I assume they asked you what happened? If so, what, they didn't believe you? That crap ****es me off.

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    Yea they didn't seem to believe anything i said, but it is there job to find out anything that could endanger your life or the lives of others. I don't blame them, just don't wanna get booted for something i didn't do.

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    MEPS is the place that, the people who work there, know what to look for as far as disqualifying items/factors. They are to assume nothing, only to make note of their observations. Then the doctors will talk to you, after a thorough examination, about any/and all things questionable. EXAMPLE: If they ASSUME that you may have caused a self inflected wound, for any reason, they must ask you about it and you must tell them the exact truth about it. You will have at least two chances to tell all while you are there, then when you get to MCRD you will have at least one more chance to COME CLEAN about anything in your past!

    Once you have passed that question, however, it doesn't end, no sir! You start training. Then they can take anything, guestionable thing, about you that you didn't answer to thier satisfaction, and they can request a complete background check on you. That can open records that you may think are sealed about you. They can talk to your friends, family, neighbors, school teachers, police, hospitals, doctors---well you get it.

    So, If you are honest with them then you have nothing to worry about, right?

    Welcome to the site, I am always glad to see new people join us here. If I can help you in any way, please let me know.

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    I have scars up and down my right arm due to a motocross accident. (Some moron put a barbed wire fence at the top of a berm---) Many people over the years have said it looks like they were self inflicted wounds- but I don't recall any DI or Corpsman at MCRD SD ever saying a word about them.

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    I wouldn't worry about it if you told the truth! Just don't lie about anything and you are good to go!

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    Hey Davblay I looked on my DD214 for that quote and I couldn't find it? I have an Honorable with a RE-1. But that quote isn't on my discharge papers, unless I missed it? I got out in 99, maybe they didn't do that then?

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    Wookie, not on your DD-214 but the certificate that they mailed you after you completed your IRR time and everything.

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    Hmm, I don't know if I got that. But I probably did. I served 8 years active so I had no IRR, and if it was sent to me it's gone. A few years ago after I got out I had a house fire that was caused by my computer scanner, and I lost 95% of everything I owned. Fortunately for me my guns and ammo were under my bed which was the farthest point from the fire, the rest of the stuff is just stuff! So maybe it was torched and I've just forgot about it? Thanks for the clarification!

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    All I got was a DD214 and a thankyou from Nixon,,, never saw anything else in 1973?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thewookie
    Hey Davblay I looked on my DD214 for that quote and I couldn't find it? I have an Honorable with a RE-1. But that quote isn't on my discharge papers, unless I missed it? I got out in 99, maybe they didn't do that then?
    It is a DD-256MC (Honorable Discharge Certificate). It has a EGA at the top of a nice framable certificate. That phrase is directly underneath the EGA at the top of the page!

    You Marines really should look a little closer at your paperwork. No---seriously I didn't notice that on mine until I ran across it on the internet.

    Semper Fi

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