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    Love letters from dad, no more please,,,,,,,,,just tell him you love him in your own way,, and encorage,,,,,Thats what he needs. He don't need more harassment. He's got plenty already. He also wants to hear about all those he left behind.

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    Care packages

    DevilDogDad, my son shipped to SD on the 30th. Good chance they will be in same company.

    My rack mate in boot camp got a care package with a package of cookies, he had to eat one and down a full canteen, eat one, canteen. He got four dwn and then he got out the swab to clean his four cookie and three canteens off the deck.

    My son turned one while I was in boot camp. I opened a picture of his party in front of my senior DI. He had cake all over him. I had to psh because he failed hygene inspection.

    Then there was Recruit Lynch. His brother was a CPL. He sent Lynch mail all the time. He mailed them in National Guard, Army and other envelopes. On the outside he wrote things about Marine DIs being pansies. It got to the point Lynch just started pushing through mail call every night. I never heard if his brother ended up dying after we graduated or not.

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    OK Got it, nothing but letters! He can get in enough trouble on his own without me giving th DI ammo.
    ThraxMcBob-Have you received an address or company id yet?

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    All I got from his short phone call Tuesday was 1st Batallion, Alpha Company, I did not get his platoon though. We should be getting the Red Cross Postcard with the address around Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

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    Just letters Dad.

    Half a Fire Team from the same family! OohRah! OUTSTANDING!

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    Letters, short but sweet, filled with encouragement and well wishes. Double space the sentences and, perhaps, enlarge the font that you use..if you are typing or using the computer. Make your letters easy to read "on the fly".
    Additionally, search for the Marine Corps Training matrix , or training schedule, that can be found, the last I heard, on the websites directly related to either Parris Island or San Diego. It helps, while corresponding , to have a general idea of what stage of training your sons are in and what training they are actively engaged at the time of your correspondence.
    Best of luck to one and all.
    Pass on my best.

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    Got a platoon number


    I got my kids letter today. He is in Alpha, PLt 1003.
    Did you get one yet?
    Tell your other son good luck and have fun.

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    Just a fast note sir, the corps will give your fine sons all they will need.
    When the time comes, your boys will let you know what they'll need.
    By that time, your boys will be Marines and will need little anymore.
    Congrads!!! your boys are men.
    Semper Fi

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    every thing he need the marine corps will issue him just send mail,i was proud in 1963 also and more pride in 2000 when my son did the same thing

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