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    looking for anyone who served with 1st bn 9th Marines (Walking Dead) 82-86 especially H&S Co.

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    Platoon 2014, Fox company
    Parris Island,

    I was there when a whole platoon got hit with lightning on the rifle range (1995). Week before my platoon graduated, Church service that Sunday was like no other.

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    Looking for marines who were in Bco SOI Feb 92 April 92
    Cco 1/6 April 92 to 95

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    Looking for Marines from Lima 3/7 between 1987 and 1989.

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    Please email me at cjwright90@yahoo.com if you were from Lima Co, 3/7, I would like to hear from you.

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    I served with 3/9 H&S Co. Motor-T 84'-85'

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    plt. 3018 K co.

    Hollywood Marine
    grad jun. 2 1989

    SDI Sgt Lee
    DI Sgt Steed
    DI Sgt Edwards
    DI Sgt Powell

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    Originally posted by jonh1972
    Looking for marines who were in Bco SOI Feb 92 April 92
    Cco 1/6 April 92 to 95
    HEY! I was C Co, 1/6 in 94

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    MCRD Diego 1984

    Platoon 2001

    SDI- SSGT D. R. Barnes Meritorious promotion to Gunny
    DI- Sgt. D. Graves Jr. This guys could call cadence
    DI- Sgt. S. D. Krause MCRD Band Tuba player
    Di Sgt. M. Stevens

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    Re: West [By God] Virginia

    Originally posted by Lock-n-Load
    When in Oct 1954 in Korea, I was Tk Cmdr of Tank#74..I selected a brute of a Marine as my driver, he was Cpl Lorne Bayliss...90% of the time Tankers spend on keeping that steel chariot in tip-top readiness...the other 10% is operational movement...Bayliss was a perfect candidate for breaking...track, etc....I coerced Bayliss to take an R&R with me to Kyoto, Japan, I had an earlier R&R in July54...we had a hellacious romp in beautiful Japan sampling all Japan could offer two Marines on an extended liberty...Kyoto was heaven on earth...we returned to the AT-Co 7th Marines draggin' ass completely...spent...I Bon Voyaged out of Korea for the last time Nov54...kept in touch with Bayliss, as he departed Korea along with 1st Marine Div FMF in Apr55...that was the last I heard from that big Lug...all's I recall is that Lorne was from West [By God] Virginia...I'd like to meet Bayliss again!!!
    I was also in 1st TkBn, HqCo during your time there. I was on the 38th draft and arrived in 1953. Col. "Bustem" Bale was the CO at the time. He had a bell hung up the road from the guard shack and the supernumerie of the guard had to go every half hour and ring this bell (navy time). Every time a draft left to rotate back to the states someone would steal the bell and it even got as far as Ascom City one time before the Col. tracked it down. I did my mess duty at the Bn. mess hall on pots and pans over the field range and was glad to make Cpl. and no more mess duty. Also spent a little R&R in Kyoto which was great.

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    Parris Island November 66 to February 67 Platoon 119

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    Plt. 374, 10 May 67 to 10 July 67; GySgt. Rayner, SSgt. Hagood adn Sgt. Giddings-San Diego

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    Marine Guard Puerto Rico Sabana Seca 82-83-2nd bn 6th Marines Echo Co. 83-85.

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    Plt. 3032
    Parris Island
    March 1989-May 1989

    SDI- SSgt. Dixon
    DI- SSgt. Branch
    DI- Sgt Carpenter

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    Parris Island June 16th - Sept. 12, 1997. 3rd BN. Lima Company. Platoon 3078:

    SDI: Sgt. Real
    DI: Sgt Larson
    DI: Sgt Hattman (Heavy)
    DI: Sgt Touriak (Sgt Hattman's replacement when he was releived for making us stand out side the chow hall and watch all the other platoons eat. Then marched us back to the barracks without getting evening chow.)

    Also anyone who served at 8th and I from 97 - 2001.

    Semper Fidelis.

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