Question about being an officer
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    Question about being an officer

    I went to the marine corps website and it did not tell me much about being an officer also they wouldnt send me information because i am not 17 yet but i would still would like to know some stuff. the website said they have to go to this special schooling but didnt say anything about boot camp, if you want to be an officer do you still go through boot camp?
    and what does a communication officer do?
    if there is any other information you could give me it would be helpful

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    wannabe, this thread is going to be zapped in about 2 seconds if you don't fill in your profile. I know you're 15yrs old but you have to follow some basic rules here, ok?

    Besides the profile lesson the other one is this wannabe, its Marine wrote, marine corps, there is a difference so try and remember that...ALWAYS use upper case with United States Marine.

    Before I waste my time addressing your actual questions I will wait to see if you fill in your profile first. I have made so many posts that were deleted because the thread starter didn't have their profile filled in.

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    Phantom Blooper
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    Fill out your profile! Capitalize Marine Corps! Read the Poolee Forum and you will find your answers!

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    There you go wannabe, your profile is now filled in, so we can help.

    There are lots of posts about Officers here, do a search. I've posted links about 15 a search and see what you come up with and I will dig up some links as well.

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    First link is about becoming a Marine Corps Officer and the second has a list of Officer job descriptions. Good places to start.

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    There are three pages here, so you have to go to the bottom and click to next shows a variety of ways to become an officer in the Marine Corps.

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