From Enlisted to the Naval Academy.
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    From Enlisted to the Naval Academy.

    While researching the U.S. Naval Academy, I came upon a tidbit of info that said that 170 enlisted Naval or Marine Corps personnel may be appointed to the US Naval Academy. Has anyone here done that? Is it incredibly hard to get appointed this way?

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    It is never easy to get into USNA. That said, there are plenty of programs that can help you if you're qualified. So, if you have the GPA and test scores to be somewhat competitive you may be able to get an appointment as an enlisted person- even if you would fall a little short otherwise.

    I had a Lt. that had been enlisted than then gone to USNA. If he could do it, anyone could.

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    I've posted this before...we had a family friend who did this. In high school they called him a computer geek, etc. He went enlisted USMC, got to CPL before getting an appointment to the Naval Academy.

    He graduated and became a Marine Corps officer. He got the last laugh on the high school turds.

    I was not easy for him but it wasn't incredibly difficlut. It takes a drive and a desire to go this route...I"d imagine an intense desire. You have to be intelligent obviously...this kid was bright, but not Einstein(ish).

    Keep at it like a pitbull, what do you have to lose?

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    I have the information on my share drive at work about this program, an officer posted it for us in my shops, I will try my best to remember tomorrow and post it here.

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