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    ooh-ra girl, take care of your Marine.

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    I'm doing it the best I can. It's more than I've ever even tried to do in my entire 29 years. I never could have dreamed of something like this happening, but God has been good to us and gotten us through so much. My husband's a marine.... he was willing to give his life to protect our country... I promise you I'll do all I can to save his too.

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    Laura and Glen333

    None of those Drill Instructors sounds familiar with me. Different companies I suspect? As far as loving bootcamp. I needed the snot kicked out of me and my wise aZZ ways too. First pugle stick fight whack across the head he didn't knock me out but he did daze me. Then we were rematched and I jst well, got the last shot in. Damn straight.

    Laura, please keep us up to date alot of Marines are looking for Marines too.

    Semper Fi and keep up the good work Laura...!!!

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    Couldn't ever ask for more. I"ve had a Fantastic wife for 36 years. Stay with your prayers, and we will too.

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    His Series Gunny Sgt was Gunny Sgt Richardson, and his series commander was Lt Dieterly. My husband was one of 'em that was excellent with the pugle stick. (But I'm sure he got smacked quite a few times too) I found a page that had a lot of people looking for marines.... it was called Semper Fi Lost Buddies... If there's anyone who has never heard of that one - I'd be happy to share the address. It's now time for this one to go Night-Night - but thanks for all the help - Hope to talk to you all again.

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    You and Your Marine are in our prayers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glen333
    My husband was called by the same name for a long while because of his last name being Walden - just wanted to share that with you. And I will keep an eye out for the one you're looking for. I've seen a few that were from the same time period of your boot camp, but I will start looking for your platoon number also. Thanks again - I appreciate everything from all of you
    thanks. my older brother went through parris island a year before i did. he too was in 3rd battalion and began training in june 1973. he could have seen your husband in the mess hall. i went through parris island a year later (june '74) and as mentioned was in platoon 344. but are you ready for this? i had the same senior drill instructor as my older brother. i caught a rash of crap because of that. senior d.i. (photo below) was ssgt faulkner. assistant drill instructors were ssgt hoffman and sgt ryan.


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    ********************* is a good research source.

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    My Name Is Parris Island ...

    Quote Originally Posted by jetdoc
    Gunny, that thing you said about not knowing how you knew the way to 3rd Battalion is EXACTLY what I experienced. The very first place we stopped was 3rd battalion and I have no idea or why I pulled in there. In fact we were there almost 29 years to the day, from when I first stepped foot there.
    If you have been here, you know my name, my name is Parris Island. I was officially started in 1915 and I have seen recruits come and go by the thousands. If you were here when you got here by ferry boat, then you are truly old Corps. All recruits see my main gate only twice, once on the way in and once on the way out. Mostly you come by bus in the middle of the night. Tall, short, fat, skinny, black and white, long hair, short hair. You come through my main gate, some laughing, some scared, mostly you act like teenagers, mostly you are teen agers. You each come here for your own reasons, but most come to test themselves. Most need a direction in their lives. As you pass through my main gate your lives will change from that point on. I hope to see you leave as Marines, but you will not all leave together as Marines. Some will leave by themselves, not Marines. They did not make the goal, my heart goes out to them, but not everyone can be a Marine. But today my heart is full of pride for the next graduation of recruits, now MARINES, is leaving my front gate, teenagers no more, but young men and women with a history to live up too. 13 weeks and just look at the change. You know this is a happy day for me, but my best days are yet to come. That's when these Marines come back to see me 20, 30, 40 years from now. Oh yeah, a lot of the old ones come back to see me, they have not forgotten Old Parris Island and I have not forgotten them. Marines and I have this bond, it's in our blood, it's PRIDE, it is where it all started
    for both of us. My sad days are the ones for those that can't come back to see me, those that were killed in WW 1, WW 11, Korea, Vietnam, Beirut and all the little actions around the world. Hey, I've got to go. Have a bus load coming in tonight and one leaving in the morning...SEMPER FI !!!

    Y'all come back and see me now, ya hear???

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    I just found this website a month or so back. Now I read it daily and I feel like I know everyone of you even though I don't know any of you. God, it's good to be among friends again!

    Semper Fi!!!

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    Good to see you wader. That's always been the thing about Marines...when you find one, you're with family.

    Semper Fi

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    Wade, I hear you brother. This is where I found a bootcamp series buddy from Parris Island, 1978, (Hey Top) might be suprised who is here.

    Quote Originally Posted by wader
    I just found this website a month or so back. Now I read it daily and I feel like I know everyone of you even though I don't know any of you. God, it's good to be among friends again!

    Semper Fi!!!

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    List of names

    I don't know if this will help any, but I got a small list of names from my husband. He doesn't remember their first names though And some of the names may not be spelled right, but here they are:

    Small, McComas, Mathis, Davis, Muscovis, McPhearson, Dunlap, O'Brien, Lenard, Toleson, Thomleson, Hall, Vie, kinard, Skinner, Gilliam, and the only one He knows the first name of - Ray Tranthom.

    Gilliam was from Indiana, Tranthom from Arkansas, and he thinks Hall was from Arkansas.

    If anybody knows someone with this name that was in boot camp April 1973 - July 1973, then we might find a match

    Thanks to everyone just for looking and trying to help, even if you don't know them, it's the thought that counts - so THANK YOU!!!!!

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    Thomleson, I served with a fine marine by that name,,,,,, I remember he was from south Philly... Don,t remember much ,,,,,, your dates were a little bit after my time,,,, But Tolmenson I will never forget, We did time in 2/4 on Okanawa. I got out, He coulda stayed in,

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    Platoon 344 74

    Quote Originally Posted by jarheadwaldo
    sorry to hear about your husband's health issues. regarding the platoon book, etc., i suggest doing a routine search on ebay. i graduated in platoon 344, 16 sept 74, and i'm looking for my platoon book too. go to ebay and type "parris island" in the search field. you'll get several items including a few platoon books for sale. you can also try "marine yearbook" and other combinations. i'll keep an eye out for platoon 333. if you see platoon 344 please give me an ooh rah.

    semper fi!

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