I heard them once, about 1950, stated by the President of the US. The time was about 1950, the Korean War (Conflict) had just started and the steel workers decided to strike and shut down the plants, to heck with the war effort. President Harry Truman nationalized the plants and ordered them to continue work. The Supreme Court reversed the President, saying his actions were unconstitutional, overruling the President's decision. A newsreel of the event showed a gaggle of correspondents rushing into President Truman's office. President Truman was at work at his desk, paying scant attention to the clamor around him, until one of the reporters asked: "Harry, what air you gonna do now? (I might add, there were many big grins of anticipation, figuring the unpopular President would be unable to effectively diffuse such a situation as he had been handed.) President Truman, stopped his concentration on the work on his desk, looked up at the reporters very seriously and politely and evenly replied: "Boys, I'm going to obey the Law." I've never forgotten the majesty of the moment, some 57 years ago. You always gave 'em Hell, Harry, in memorable fashion and style. Gary Hall, Tyler, TX