A Couple of Questions Before I Leave
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    A Couple of Questions Before I Leave

    i ship of on july 30th and i have a few questions. first, im not that great of a swimmer. i can keep myself above water and swim, but i cant swim underwater very well, or float in one spot. is this going to hold me back at all? also i am really aiming to be the best in my platoon. is there any advice anyone can give about getting to guide or squad leader? i know all my general orders and greetings and score a 285 pft (im working on the running). finally, when i enlisted i got a newer "packet" with information. and it doesnt contain some language (ex: hat = cover) i should learn before i leave like the old ones. does anyone know of a site or just maybe list some of the words so i could learn them before going??? thanks for any help!

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    there is a book that they sell at books a million that have all the marine corps terms in there like a wall = bulkhead and floor = deck etc. i cant remember the name of the book but as soon as i find it i will let you know.

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    Hey my best advice is to do a search of all the threads that have been made already. There is a post that I made about being guide and excelling in boot camp and I know that there is another post with a link to all the terms that you'll use. I wouldn't really worry to much about it though because they'll break everything down barney style anyways to make sure that you know the terms.

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    Leaving in about 12 days for boot camp - Cool!!!
    The Guide and Squad leaders are going to be standouts in your platoon. The initial few days it will be assigned randomly. However, squared away recruits will be singled out almost immediately the first day or two. If they are any good, they may remain. They will work the Guide and Squad Leaders exceptionally hard, to send the message that leaders (in the USMC and in life) will be required to work exceptionally hard in life to earn the forefront position and keep it, so don't shy away if you want to be the best. Just keep working, and don't be ashamed if you don't make it; keep your focus. Remember, you may think you are good now but you are about to test yourself like never before. At least 50 percent of your platoon is as hungry as you are to succeed and the other 50 percent are no slouches. To get to the top percentile will require more determination than you ever knew you had. Only teamwork will get you there, as much as this sounds like individual effort.

    As for the swimming, you are going to have to work on it. You obviously don't have much experience swimming, so get to a pool in the next week and get comfortable. You can still be Guide or Squad Leader and not be a good swimmer, but you will have to pass the basics at least. If you want to be amphibious, get in the water! Your fears of swimming will not pass until you spend some time there. PS - stay in the shallow end - don't be stupid and jump in the deep end until you figure it out. Underwater swimming is simple - don't breathe! Work on very short underwater tests, just a couple seconds at first, (in the shallow end!) It takes practice to stay down more than 15 seconds, so don't push it, build up to it.

    Good luck!

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    thanks a lot for all the info, i was searching the forums but couldnt find it...whats the basic level of water training consit of? thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by taysmith35
    thanks a lot for all the info, i was searching the forums but couldnt find it...whats the basic level of water training consit of? thanks again!
    Just be prepared - get your a$$ in a pool and get comfortable. Practice with a lot of clothes on cause you'll probably have to jump in with a lot of gear on at some point. The "basic" used to be (20 years ago) just float for 5 minutes and you qualified 2nd class (I believe) but, I'm sure it's more than that now.

    If you aren't comfortable in a pool, you might as well back out now! If you ARE comfortable in a pool, QUIT STRESSING and go practice. It's pretty simple!

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    I can't speak specifically of what today's training contains - been out for too long now. They will instruct you and you will either follow instructions or drown - they will pull you out if so. Do not wait until you get there - go practice now - just figure out how to dawggie paddle yourself around ( again - shallow end ), and get used to holding your breath underwater - they will take care of the rest. Practice "bouncing" off the bottom...meaning hold breath, go under then push off bottom and resurface, exhale and take a good breath, bounce back to bottom - repeat, repeat, repeat. That's one exercise they will show you. If you struggle too much the instructors will put you in a group of remedial swim beginners. Go practice! If you really want this, you need to put in the extra effort now - don't procrastinate. Bring someone along that can pull you out, especially when you are ready to try deep end! You might be able to ask a lifeguard or an experienced swimmer for some pointers too. Here's one tip: If you are getting assistance from a lifeguard or another swimmer, DO NOT struggle; you could drown both of you.

    The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is successful people will do whatever it takes. A leader teaches others to succeed, by word and by example. C

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    If you're able to open it, here's the MCO on swimming. Should be everthing in there you need to know. If you can't open it, let me know and I'll post the various levels and what is required for each.



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    i got it opened...thanks a lot for everyones help, i just got back from swimming haha. i will be practicing everyday until i leave...so hopefully it will help me pass the 12 days fast!

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    Glad to hear it taysmith35! Now, got off the F***in' computer and get back in the pool - Swim 'til I GET TIRED. Get used to that line (: Ooorah!!!

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    Yo Smitty,

    Are you fish-like yet? Getting excited or what? How's the swimming?


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    Float for 1 hour 'dead mans crawl, Swim 75 yards with 14 lbs tied around your neck. Jump at 60 feet holding your jewels. thats how to rate 1st class as I remimber it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkie
    Jump at 60 feet holding your jewels.
    LOL! Are you serious? Why did you have to hold onto them?

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    We were taught to hold on to them and stick two fingers up our noses. Water can hit pretty hard when jumping off a tall ship. The force can blow your sinuses out.

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