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    Sigonella, Sicily

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    Pattaya Beach Thailand was awesome, but so was Fremantle Australia!!

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    When I was in the Philippines (Subic Bay 1974) , we had "Cindarella Liberty" either in someones home or back on the Ship by 2400 hours, or you became target practice for the National Police. I never really got use to Balutes or San Migel Beer. L8R.

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    Honolulu in the early 50`s.

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    Kobe, Japan. R&R from Korea 1954.

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    Subic Bay, P.I. 1964

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    Hmm...let me think.....

    Oh, my favorite happens to be the ONLY liberty port I experienced.
    Subic Bay / Alongapo February 1966
    A place where I lost something that was NOT very dear to me.

    Then we were off to SE Asia for our 13 month picnic.

    Carry on....

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    Just before the gate they had the Brig. When you passed it you could hear the prisoners hollering and the rubber hoses. You always knew better than to f--k up while in Kobe.

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    Best was any club in Pattaya Beach, Thailand (Cobra Gold '94), played a lot of Connect 4 at the outdoor tiki bars, a beer was 24 baht, two kinds of beer, green or brown bottle.

    Second was Kinville on Okinawa, liked club East Coast Rock best, drink beer and watch heavy metal videos, then on to the Blue Moon (wink)!

    Also loved several clubs in Waikiki...the Wave, Pink Cadillac, Moose Mcgillacudy's, Duke's. Ah, good times...priceless memories for a young Marine.

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    Osan, Korea.

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    I hit Osan in 1977. Had a fantastic time.

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    Honolulu in the 70's was great also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SemperRick View Post
    I would definately have to say PI. We owned the Mariposa Bar on Magsaysay Blvd. From the Sierra Club Rock Bar to the R and B, Hip Hop bar the Florida Club. Grande Island drinking Margarita's in the middle of Subic Bay sitting in the crystal clear water. The bar was so close you didn't have to get up for your drinks. Green Beach Zambales PI. Mama De Bablyeon,the smart, funny, incredibly generous Mayor who treated the Marines on op there like her own family. While on a small operation for CSSD-32 in support of 1/9 put us on the beach for about a week. We floated from Okinawa to Subic on the USS St. Louis and that was the very first time I disembarked from a ship to a Mike Boat, over the side using a net was awesome! A coordinated WWII style beach landing (1st wave). We set up a perimeter and that's how we met Mama De Bablyeon. She cooked lumpia, adobo and succulent shrimp plus evey cold beverage you ould think of. Kids everywhere, even kids that looked suspiciously caucasian were out playing at he beach and jungle. I asked Mama if there were Americans living here and she said no.....Why? Because I said he kid over there has blond hair and blue eyes. She replied Ohhhh, that is American Souvenir. I couldn't help but laugh since I am pretty sure I knew what she meant. So back to the op, one of my radio guys was about to celebrate his birthday and I had an idea. I spoke with Mama and asked he if she could help me for a surprise birthday party. For six cases of MRE's she would roast a pig, unlimited Lumpia, shrimp, fried rice and cold drinks. As an unknown added surprise, even to me was the after dusk hum of the banka boat motor filled with a little adult fun. Needless to say this week long op was not to boring after all. The party went off without a hitch and it will be one of the most memorable times in my short career. Does anybody remember the Nippa Hut near Angeles? Even though I still have a fog in my head about this amazingly unreal party palace. There was no rank at this place. I was sitting with a group of Airforce Full Birds and their wives (no BS), drinking some concoction that was served in these huge bamboo cups with the clubs logo all over the outside. This drink was powerful. The show went on for a couple of hours with dozens of hot little filipina's putting on an array of different skits and prowness of the......Well you know. This is really hard trying to keep this thing PG. Regardless, this was an an amazing show cappe off with a volunteer from the audience. Does anybody remember the Nippa Hut? Since we were in PI for six months, many of the guys had g/f's which they had to pay a relationship fee for a day, night, week or month and these girls were your honest and faithful g/f's until you left or you dumped em. So many more stories i could tell you about this adult playland. maybe next time I will tell you the story of Bon Jovi taking care of the troops while on a layover at Clark airbase in Angeles. The Vampire Club.
    yes been to the Nipa hut back in 84 flew from oki on space-A . the show was great !

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    Guam, Dubai, and Australia

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    gemntx, I was there in 1971, on a 3 day relaxation tour, that cost $18.00. I made one day there, before I was ushered back to the ship, USS Guam LPH9. There were some beautiful women there from all over Europe. I was with two Sisters from Scotland, before I had to leave. To many Rum and Cokes.

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