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    another vote for Pataya beach...or however its spelt

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    you betcha - the PI!! not only did I do high school there '65-'67, but got to go back for 30 days in olongapo in '68 - SCUBA school then back to that other slimey SE Asia joint
    Semper Fi

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    Definetly Pattya for a float. But being in Charlie Comapany for MSGBN Bangkok is far more better.

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    The beaches in North Carolina. You ask why?

    The sun, sand, and guys! They were all HOT!!

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    Hell!!!! I got stuck in MCAS Yuma Arizona the for most of the time I was in. Wasn't able to transfer out. the most exotic I got was the 2 months I spent in MCAS El Toro!

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    Originally posted by 1ofthefewer
    The beaches in North Carolina. You ask why?

    The sun, sand, and guys! They were all HOT!!
    North Carolina? I've been there - you need to get out more! LOL

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    She has! North Carolina! We might only chu baccer and pla bal, but we do it good!

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    Just reading the other posts has brought back a flood of memories, and it sounds like I might have tossed back a few beers with some of you guys. Olongapo was awsome, spent a little time at T's Tavern (haha) . Subic City was always cool, take a yellow to a blue and let your dreams come true (jeepnies that is). Okinawa was a fun duty station and afford lots of entertainment during libo hours skeet shooting, scuba diving and Kinville, what an excellent combination. I liked Korea, Pohang was definately interesting, keeping your boots and cover while on liberty could sometimes be a challenge. Although if they did get "lost" you could always go to the Marine house about twenty minutes later and buy them back. Abu Dabi and Dubai were fun, but just a warm up for heading back to the P.I. The Phillipines the greatest liberty port invented by man or woman (mama-san to be exact). You just have to love a place that not only sends out bar girls to meet the ships as they come in, but can find out in advance what ships are coming and have Welcome signs already made up. Even though it's been over ten years since I have been to any of these places I remember it like it was yesterday. The greatest times in my life spent with the greatest people. Have a Red Horse on me Brothers. Semper Fi!

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    Okinawa was great liberty as long as you had a car to travel the island. And headup to Camp Schwab or Camp Hansen for some Kobe steak. Also Atlantic Beach N.C. Johnny Dollar, Christy's, & the Jolly Roger at the Holiday Inn

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    Weekends are fun and nice, and if you party hearty, you'll be broke long before payday comes around again. A liberty port with port and starboard liberty is a three day orgy and a four day hangover.

    Okinawa, 1960, one year unaccompanied tours for Fleet Marines. Upon arrival, we were restricted for three days, until indoctrination lectures by the Division CG, Chaplain, and Medical Officer.

    Several of us were assigned to Division Schools at the "old" Camp Kinser in Chibana. The XO welcomed us aboard and gave his own indoctrination lecture.

    In essence, he said that if we had no moral objections, to find a honey and a house and shack up for our entire tour. His reasons made sense. After the first week, if you didn't come down with a "social disease" and remained true blue to her, you were home free. "Ranchers" drank less, were hung over less, and were never UA because it was in her best interests to wake you and get you back to the base on time. Your uniforms were alwys squared away because she washed, starched, and ironed them, including spit shining boots and dress shoes.

    $30 a month took care of the house, the girl, and basic food. $10 more spent at the commissary and you lived like a king. Three bucks a night at the club at Kadena and you had a t-bone steak dinner, live floor show, drinks, and dancing.

    Is it any wonder about the number of Marines who choose to extend their tours on Okinawa? I spent 3 1/2 years there, with a six month mandatory break to return to CONUS, and reenlist with the guarantee of going back "home".

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    Phillipines and Australia are my favorite liberty port

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    Since I was "station dito" in Subic Bay does it count? Perth was cool Pataya, Hong Kong, Singapore, Pohang, Pusan...... I can't choose, any time off the boat was great. Kinville? I would have to say my most memorable was the back porch at Marylynns in Subic city. Out on the barber chairs.

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    WHAT. I read all three pages and nobody mentioned 29 Palms?

    Just kidding. I'm kidding, stop throwing stuff at me.

    This is a very good thread. I wanted to bump it.

    So my vote of course is Subic Bay. I was "A" Co. Marine Bks. for 15 months ending Jan 77.


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    Best-The JoLo Lounge-Olangapo.(except the night I got drunk & went home with the mama-san)
    Close second-The Texas Bar in Pusan Korea.
    Worst-anywhere in Havelock NC.

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    Thumbs up

    I think the Olongapo's have it, I liked the little Brig they had just
    before you cross the bridge to that place. It was empty when
    you went on Liberty, and it was full of JARHEADS when you came
    back. Did any one every the Monkey Meat they used to sell on
    the street. I did and I liked it better than HAM & Mothers. Kin
    Village would be my second pick, because I was stationed at Camp Hasen, with the 3rd Engr Bn. OOHH! to be young again.

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