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    best libert places

    yuma libo was great johhnys and back door but reds place topped them all

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    Moonlight Bunny Ranch was a short enough ride from Pickle Meadows MWTC, and well worth it. It's the same one featured on the HBO show. Cheap back in the day. Does anyone know if the units are getting any liberty after training, or are they scared to let them out into Carson City?

    Too much fun. "Yeah, Ma, I'm going to confession," ("Bless me Father for I have sinned, a LOT!).

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    gotta be Pattia Beach, Thailand..... those of you that were there I dont have to explain. Those of you that weren't,well, it would be illegal to explain.

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    In 1964 they got serious about crime in Ologapo,had barred cage liberty was best in Mid 60s,enthusiastic girls cheap prices ,low crime ..I like some of the places mentioned,,did the world drinking & cat house tour,had Oki house mama ,but for drunken party stupidity all fall short of was true love!! sorry, can not remember her name

    how can you speak of love ,when you have no money!!Keiko Shinagawa,,OKI 1964

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    my bad,, the cage was on wheels ,like a circus cage,and was placed at the entrance to ologapo
    in the 60,s the democrats had not ruin american reputation in Australia..many australia girls loved american Marines ,,there parents had told them about the war in the Pacific..It took a lot of left wing urine & burning of the American flag to kill that aussie sheela enthusiasm,but for plain cheap short liberty party ,& disgusting cheap sex,ologapo spread her infected legs wide..
    Ok marine you more sound sicko disgusting than other maline but I do for $5 more,use condom,Pacita no want your war like mutant child ,built low to ground for scavenge & plunder!

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    Get Some at the Nippa Hut

    I would definately have to say PI. We owned the Mariposa Bar on Magsaysay Blvd. From the Sierra Club Rock Bar to the R and B, Hip Hop bar the Florida Club. Grande Island drinking Margarita's in the middle of Subic Bay sitting in the crystal clear water. The bar was so close you didn't have to get up for your drinks. Green Beach Zambales PI. Mama De Bablyeon,the smart, funny, incredibly generous Mayor who treated the Marines on op there like her own family. While on a small operation for CSSD-32 in support of 1/9 put us on the beach for about a week. We floated from Okinawa to Subic on the USS St. Louis and that was the very first time I disembarked from a ship to a Mike Boat, over the side using a net was awesome! A coordinated WWII style beach landing (1st wave). We set up a perimeter and that's how we met Mama De Bablyeon. She cooked lumpia, adobo and succulent shrimp plus evey cold beverage you ould think of. Kids everywhere, even kids that looked suspiciously caucasian were out playing at he beach and jungle. I asked Mama if there were Americans living here and she said no.....Why? Because I said he kid over there has blond hair and blue eyes. She replied Ohhhh, that is American Souvenir. I couldn't help but laugh since I am pretty sure I knew what she meant. So back to the op, one of my radio guys was about to celebrate his birthday and I had an idea. I spoke with Mama and asked he if she could help me for a surprise birthday party. For six cases of MRE's she would roast a pig, unlimited Lumpia, shrimp, fried rice and cold drinks. As an unknown added surprise, even to me was the after dusk hum of the banka boat motor filled with a little adult fun. Needless to say this week long op was not to boring after all. The party went off without a hitch and it will be one of the most memorable times in my short career. Does anybody remember the Nippa Hut near Angeles? Even though I still have a fog in my head about this amazingly unreal party palace. There was no rank at this place. I was sitting with a group of Airforce Full Birds and their wives (no BS), drinking some concoction that was served in these huge bamboo cups with the clubs logo all over the outside. This drink was powerful. The show went on for a couple of hours with dozens of hot little filipina's putting on an array of different skits and prowness of the......Well you know. This is really hard trying to keep this thing PG. Regardless, this was an an amazing show cappe off with a volunteer from the audience. Does anybody remember the Nippa Hut? Since we were in PI for six months, many of the guys had g/f's which they had to pay a relationship fee for a day, night, week or month and these girls were your honest and faithful g/f's until you left or you dumped em. So many more stories i could tell you about this adult playland. maybe next time I will tell you the story of Bon Jovi taking care of the troops while on a layover at Clark airbase in Angeles. The Vampire Club.

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    Peso Jimmy's !!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Barrio_rat View Post
    Let's see...

    Ejoyed the hell out of Okinawa. Was on Futenma so I was close to Naha and 'the wall.' Plenty of good parties I don't remember too much about at the wall. BC street and whisper alley.

    Angeles City, Olongapo, Barrio Barretto (Hence the nick name) were always great and accomodating. Strange though, how word of mouth they know yer there... Filipino word of mouth is faster than the telephone. Makes it tough to meet the next girlfriend. Hehe. Hung out at Wiskey River and The Blue Parrot in the barrio and usually was in Peso Jimmy's in Olongapo, though I've been to Cal Jams, Sierra Club, T's and a few of the others in Olongapo. The DMZ, Love Birds (yeah, I liked the name too), and Nipa Hut were fun in Angeles. I liked balute so much I had to go and marry one. I still get hell for all the time I spent in the bars there. LOL. Nothing like the smell of dried fish frying in the kitchen.

    Korea was a fun place. Anjan ri (sp?) Camp Humphreys. Army rolls their sleves down for winter before the USMC so we were ordered to roll ours down as well to be uniform. Bunch of us thought if they want uniform let the Army keep theirs up. Also had plenty of fun in Pohang and Pusan and I've still got my mink blanket.

    Liked Hong Kong a lot. Sydney was a nice place. Couldn't stay, the Corps made me wait 3 weeks after my dad died and then the day we hit port in Sydney they cared so much they made me fly out that day. Only good thing was I got to watch green peace get chased by the cops on the water and didn't have to man the rails.

    Could have done without Port of Al Jabail, Saudi Arabia. Dubai, United Arab Emmerates was pretty cool. Sat by a pool drinking some strong mixed drinks at a 5 star hotel. Not a bad way to earn your combat pay.

    man i have been waiting if i would never see anyone talk about Peso Jimmy's !!!! they said they had the coolest beer in olongapo. i was there with 31MAU back to back westpac's from 1980-1982 . still go back there every year. remember how will used a marker to put our names on the walls! alas Peso Jimmy's is no more in olongapo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LanceCoolie View Post
    My favorite libo locale had to be a bar on Waikiki beach that was under the patio of a hotel pool and I can't remember the name of the place. It had stairs going down to it from the sand and if you didn't know it was there you'd walk right past it ("Johnny's underwater bar" maybe?). Most bars have a big mirror on the back wall over the bar but this place had a giant window into the swimming pool. Famous for girls who would swim up to the window and lose the bottom half of their bikini, bartender would ring the big brass bell and if the girl would then come into the bar there would be a huge chorus of "show us your tits show us your tits"... which all of them did. What made that place a standout was the large number of aussie girls there on spring break ( I was on Oahu for three years). All you needed was a dick and a pulse. Hell, Richard Nixon could get laid in this bar! You didn't even need money, those aussie girls loved american marines and wouldn't hear of us paying for anything. That hotel must have had tours/ packages for them ot something because that was the place for them.
    I too had a girlfriend who worked at Coronet's in Kailua. I was with her for just about six months when suddenly she ditched me. I found out from some mutual freinds that her boyfriend had come back from Korea, a darkgreen SSgt, Hmmm... she had never mentioned him. Ain't that freakin' typical???!!!
    the club you are talking about i think is the cellar club on lewers street .

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    for me P.I of course Olongapo city ,Pattaya and Bangkok thailand ! i still go back every year to both. just got back from 4 months in bangkok. headed back to afghanistan to my job as a contractor and planning my next break in thailand !!!

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    so far for me, i would have to say Guam. just turned out to be the best one! but this yr we're suppose to be going to Thailand so we'll see

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    BRISBANE, AUSTRAILIA. 1974, Fox Co. 2/3, 1st Marine Brigade, aboard the U.S.S. Tulare, HQFMF didn't want to mix us with the Battalion from Okinawa so they shipped us off to Brisbane. We were the 1st U.S. Marine Unit to arrive there since WWII and Half the City met us at the docks. A 100 member Military Band played "The Marine's Hymn" (****ed off the swab jockies, They never played Anchors Away). If you were not "Adopted by a Civilian Family for 7-days, you had to be back aboard ship for Muster @ 0800 hours and you were given Liberty for another 24 hours. (The only way we could stand up was by leaning against one another). I was Smart... SHORE PATROL. Anybody got arrested, I along with my Royal M.P. "Mate" Ian "Spud" Murphy, would pick them up at the local Hoos-Cow and transport them back to the ship to get some rest before more Party Time. Spud took me and a USMC 1st Lieutenant to "Patrol" all the the Best Bars in Brisbane (we had to remove our MP armbands and pull our Dress Greens out and over our Duty Belts. A lot of the Pubs did not have bar stools just "Belly up to the Bar" put your foot up on the polished brass rail and enjoy a Pint (or Five) I don't know how many of you have had REAL Aussie Beer but it's FIVE times Stronger than anything we have. We were probably the ONLY MP's to call a cab back to the ship because non of us were sober enough to drive (the steering wheel was on the wrong side anyway, it was confusing enough Sober) OH I forgot to mention, They were so PROUD of what the UNITED STATES MARINES had done for them during WWII against the Japanese, that No One would accept our Money. A word of advice Don't ever try to Out Drink an Aussie, You will wake up in your rack back aboard ship and he will still be bellied up to the bar waiting for you to return. On our last day we had our Company Football Team (BIG MARINES) play Rugby against the 1st R.A.R.... Half of our guy's went back to Kaneohe Bay in Body Casts. Oh yeah and use your own imaginations about their Outrageous Women.... I have to carefull, My wife might read this and we were Married then too. OPERATION KANGAROO I OOOOHRAA!!

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    Kin Ville

    Quote Originally Posted by badbob View Post
    Kim Village Oki.

    Right outside of Camp Hanson, second only to Hotel St, in Hawaii.

    I unfortunately I got stuck in Oki for R&R. On my return to Vietnam from a Hospital stay in Guam. They gave me a 7 day layover at Camp Hansen. I spent my entire R&R plus a months advance pay in Kim Village.

    The New York Bar was my favorate hang out. KaKo was my favorite B-Girl. When she asked me my name, I told her it ewas BoB'o -

    Upon my return from Vietnam, 5 months later, I walked into the Ny Bar, and from across the dance floor, came a very high pitched, BOB'O.

    So for me, it definately was Kim Village.
    Is Mickey Mouse still there? She got in trouble in 1972.

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    Bangkok, Thailand. And Pattaya. And Hua Hinn. And Chang Mai.

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    For me this is very easy. I was stationed in the I really have to say anything else, LOL!

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