Name your favorite liberty port/location
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    Exclamation Name your favorite liberty port/location

    I recently looked back through a photo album of some of my USMC pictures. As I flipped through the pages I began to remember a lot of the good times I had while on liberty or leave. I thought we all might enjoy a trip down memory lane and I am asking for some of your favorite liberty ports/locations. I'll tell you my favorite was P.I., and for those who may not know, it doesn't stand for Parris Island!

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    Cool Hawaii

    I was stationed at MCAS Kaneohe Bay. Best 2 years of my time in the Corps. Had an Apartment in Waikiki. Favorite hangout was Forbidden City.......HE HE HE HE
    Got to meet Peter, Paul and Mary .



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    Sixguns, PI as in the Phillipines right?!..LOL
    I've heard way too many stories about good ol' PI...
    where boys go and well I'll just quote...
    "FI DOLLA!!!"

    Well being I traveled soooooooooooooo much when I
    was in the Marine Corps I guess it would definitely have
    to be, let me see....gosh there's just so many to pick from..
    well I guess it would have to be Camp Pendleton, CA...LOL!

    The DelMar E Club was always somewhere interesting
    to go hang out at....LOL!

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    gotta be Pattia Beach, Thailand..... those of you that were there I dont have to explain. Those of you that weren't,well, it would be illegal to explain.

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    I have Been to most of the Islands in in the east and I have been to 47 of the 50 states, but the best place to go on leave was home. I only came home on the 4th of July in the summer and for PA. deer season in the winter. For liberty I had the most fun driving my buddies 5.0 mustang from Camp Pendleton to Pocatello Idaho at 95 mph just for a weekend of deer hunting, snowmobiling and partying at night. I only got stopped for speeding once, that was in Cedar city Utah, doing 93 in a 55! the Trooper let us go with a warning..... He was a former Sailor and knew how it was to be on liberty!!

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    Outside of Nashville, TN. Work in FOB Louisville

    Talking No money ...No Honey !!!

    Snipr said it... best lib was at home !!

    lets see... Christmas morning, '77, standing Quarterdeck watch in Naples Italy... naw that wasn't fun, just memorable.

    Or then there was the WestPac in '76. Mom sent me a Rum Fruitcake over the holidays. Took the (homemade.... too die for) fruitcake, SET IT IN A PAN OF RUM till it was **ALL GONE**. Got hammered in troop compartmentof LPH#3

    But hitchhiking from LeJeune to Nashville, AND back on a 72 hour liberty. Was a whole lot more fun than Court St, Jacksonville.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Got some others too but maybe I should keep THOSE to myself.

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    PI was good um good liberty but the best had to be Kowloon, Hong Kong, and the Waltzing Matilda Inn (PUB) or Bottoms Up club.

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    Smile Liberty Port

    Bankock Thialand

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    Thumbs up Kim Village

    Kim Village Oki.

    Right outside of Camp Hanson, second only to Hotel St, in Hawaii.

    I unfortunately I got stuck in Oki for R&R. On my return to Vietnam from a Hospital stay in Guam. They gave me a 7 day layover at Camp Hansen. I spent my entire R&R plus a months advance pay in Kim Village.

    The New York Bar was my favorate hang out. KaKo was my favorite B-Girl. When she asked me my name, I told her it ewas BoB'o -

    Upon my return from Vietnam, 5 months later, I walked into the Ny Bar, and from across the dance floor, came a very high pitched, BOB'O.

    So for me, it definately was Kim Village.

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    Thumbs up New Koza, Okinawa - '59-'60

    My buddy and I met two great ladies there who to this day remain in our thoughts. Can't beat that!

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    Thumbs up For This Marine...

    ...It's a toss up between - Pattaya Beach, Thailand & Olongapo or Angeles City or Manila or Baguio, Philippines.

    Of course during most libo in above ports, was drunk as a skunk 99.99% of the time - so there are probably better liberty locales - but the 00.01% that I remember were some wild times indeed

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    Without a doubt, it was Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok was just opened up for R&R and I was on the second wave to go there. Often wondered If it was that good or was it because I had been in Nam for 9 months when I went for 5 days. Naaaa, It was that good. The next best was ( can't remember the correct spelling but is pronounced ) Cow Chung, Taiwan. Also up there is Olongopo, P.I. and Iwakuni, Japan.

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    Re: Hawaii

    Originally posted by thedrifter
    I was stationed at MCAS Kaneohe Bay. Best 2 years of my time in the Corps. Had an Apartment in Waikiki. Favorite hangout was Forbidden City.......HE HE HE HE
    Got to meet Peter, Paul and Mary .


    Damn Drifter, I'd felt much better about your post if you would of said...Got to meet Peter, Paul and Mary....I shook their hands and then dragged them left wing liberal war protestin sum*****es out back and stomped a mud hole in their azzes......

    Was at MCAS Kaneohe also....enjoyed Davy Jones Locker and Cho Cho's a bar in Honolulu...spent a lil time down on sh!t street sometimes........Met my wife in Kaluia where she was workin at a dept store by the name of Coronet's....she is from Calif and was over in Hawaii living with her brother and sister in law.......po girl is still followin me around the Country !!! Anybody know how I can shake her !!! LMAO !!

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    Let's see...

    Ejoyed the hell out of Okinawa. Was on Futenma so I was close to Naha and 'the wall.' Plenty of good parties I don't remember too much about at the wall. BC street and whisper alley.

    Angeles City, Olongapo, Barrio Barretto (Hence the nick name) were always great and accomodating. Strange though, how word of mouth they know yer there... Filipino word of mouth is faster than the telephone. Makes it tough to meet the next girlfriend. Hehe. Hung out at Wiskey River and The Blue Parrot in the barrio and usually was in Peso Jimmy's in Olongapo, though I've been to Cal Jams, Sierra Club, T's and a few of the others in Olongapo. The DMZ, Love Birds (yeah, I liked the name too), and Nipa Hut were fun in Angeles. I liked balute so much I had to go and marry one. I still get hell for all the time I spent in the bars there. LOL. Nothing like the smell of dried fish frying in the kitchen.

    Korea was a fun place. Anjan ri (sp?) Camp Humphreys. Army rolls their sleves down for winter before the USMC so we were ordered to roll ours down as well to be uniform. Bunch of us thought if they want uniform let the Army keep theirs up. Also had plenty of fun in Pohang and Pusan and I've still got my mink blanket.

    Liked Hong Kong a lot. Sydney was a nice place. Couldn't stay, the Corps made me wait 3 weeks after my dad died and then the day we hit port in Sydney they cared so much they made me fly out that day. Only good thing was I got to watch green peace get chased by the cops on the water and didn't have to man the rails.

    Could have done without Port of Al Jabail, Saudi Arabia. Dubai, United Arab Emmerates was pretty cool. Sat by a pool drinking some strong mixed drinks at a 5 star hotel. Not a bad way to earn your combat pay.

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    What I remember

    Well, there was so many places working with C-130's in Oki that there is a few.
    My CO took us to Koerea for the wkend. He told us that we r in a mission it was a shopping spree mission and we r to have fun. Well, I got back to Oki with some christmas presents for my family.
    Another was Australia when a few of us went to see some of the sites there. The Beauty of the waterfalls and everything about it.
    But the best of all was when we was at Nelis Ariforce Base in Vegas. Work the 2nd shift and by 8:00 every nite was in the strip with everyone getting drunk.


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