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Thread: going to MEPS

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    going to MEPS

    I stopped by the recruiters' office today to see if he could tell me if my fiance's future unit is currently deployed and to ask about a couple MOS possibilities... I'm a few pounds over weight right now, but not much... One of the jobs I wanted to ask about was intelligence specialist. It just so happened that they have a hot fill for that very job that ships June 24th (exactly one month after our wedding).

    so. Guess who is going to MEPS on Saturday? That's right, me! Tomorrow morning I am going to run a PFT with one of the recruiters just to get an idea of where I am incase they need to body fat me, but I have no doubt in my mind that I can get down to where I need to be by Saturday morning.

    I called my fiance who is at school aboard 29 Palms right now... it wasn't exactly a phone call he thought would come anytime soon, but he's trying to be a sport about it. He knows he supports me, even if he doesn't feel like he does right now. He wants to protect me through boot camp. So cute.

    So that's my story. I am very excited. A tad bit nervous about the PFT tomorrow, since I've really just been concentrating on my mile and a half time, but the recruiters aren't all that worried, so I will follow their lead and just do what needs to be done.

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    Good luck, Sis!

    I know you'll do well on the PFT.

    MEPS is just around the corner.

    Keep us posted!

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    Thank you, Jess!
    I will definitely keep you posted.
    I am going to mail out your USNA info tomorrow. Also- have you thought about the Citadel?

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    MEPS where? LA MEPS? I'm going to be at MEPS on Saturday too, for a MOT IST.

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    aww! No- I'll be at San Diego MEPS.

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    I have thought about The Citadel but my mom won't send me there under any circumstances. My hands are tied because I'll be 17 my entire freshman year.

    I've looked at USMMA (U.S. Merchant Marine Academy) and will be applying there assuming I get a nomination. After graduation from USMMA you can enter any branch of the military as an officer.

    If I can't get into one of the service academies I may be able to talk my parents into VMI. If not there, then VT as they have a Corps of Cadets and ROTC.

    I'm taking the SATs April 5 ... I'm nervous about those.

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    I know what you can achieve......You can do it 22DevilPup87

    Stop Worrying.......



    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine


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    Okay ... no more worries ... but only because you told me to.

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    aw you're gonna kick the SAT's in the rear!
    No matter where you end up, you, Jess, are destined for greatness... so work hard and enjoy the ride.

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    Thanks, Jen. Will do.

    Now, how're you coming along? Ready for MEPS?

    I know you had a few more pounds to lose to make the requirements. How's that going?

    What about an MOS?

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    I'll be ready by Saturday.
    I am down two pounds this morning... I don't know if it's temporary or what.. ha don't look a gift horse in the mouth, I guess!
    The MOS would be 0231, Intel Specialist. My recruiter has a hot fill. I am also going to ask if there are any 4066 data systems jobs available before I sign for 0231. I'll keep you posted.
    Now I have to go eat a banana before I run my PFT.

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