peace, wisdom and healing....
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    peace, wisdom and healing....

    Mostly for the new folks around here, I wanted to let ya know that recently we had a few Marines lashing out in hurt and loss that cannot be expressed. They lashed out at others many times stating that if we were not in combat in Viet Nam, we are not real Marines. The ensuing struggle to be of some little help, and yet to defend ourselves and each other from irrational attacks have opened many old wounds among us. I have since seen many posts expressing the revisited pain that was once endured stoically, or just endured. There have been many posts with words of pain, and loss and suffering and of quiet heroism. There have been many words of peace, and of wisdom, and of healing. It is my honor to be among you. All I can offer you is my time, and an ear to listen. If you need some numbnuts to unload on, or someone to just be there, or some one to vent on or what ever, call me, e-mail me, stay in touch with someone. I probably haven't been where you have, but I have been down the road. or at least, drop by the chat and just sit, we're here. We're family. Warren Bonesteel

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    Thanks Old Salt for your help and your ear! I took out your phone number above for your protection and security. If someone wants to call you they can email you first and you can give them your phone number.

    Thanks bro!

    Semper Fi,


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    No Problem.

    but I ain't got nuthin to steal anyway! They take My I.D. and be screwed! LMAO

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    Thumbs up War Wounds

    Youíre 100% correct Bones

    I came in on the tail end of this operation, in the mop-up phase, and based on the posts, it has clearly opened up a few old wounds for many, myself included. But I guess thatís what us old Jarheads do best, bleed draw blood and move on to the next ambush.

    Semper Fi Marine,

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