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Thread: Bootcamp

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    Hey all poolees one of the poolees here on leatherneck is getting ready to go to bootcamp. He is being harassed by people and they are saying he can't make it and he is feeling down. Lets put him up. Here is his email write him and give him some motivation.

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    LOL....i was wondering why other people were emailing me lol...Well im just at a loss of words right kick serious butt....i hope to meet you one day and just shake your hand....You and every1 else i have talked to on this site, and who has talked to me on aol, or emailed me....Seriously.....Yall have heart, and that something that can bever be taken away...We WILL ALL do fine...and i appreciate every motivation yall have giving me, other Poolees, and yourself...KICK like i know yall will.....

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    Soon2B, just tell them to quit their friggin' whinin' and sign on the dotted line or shut up.

    I think you can do it. Just stay the course.

    Don't let the bastards get ya down.

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    YOU WILL!!!

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    You've got what it takes boy!

    They might not.

    Some will, some won't, so what!


    Besides, I need a new Marine brother to hassle! even if it is only via email and forum postings!

    semper fi

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    People getting you down? Telling you you're making a mistake? That's because they know nothing. Just today, someone had the audacity to tell me that I'm "a foolish, idiot kid making stupid, childish decisions" for joining the Marine Corps. When I asked him why he was working as a cashier at a second-rate grocery store at age 43, he didn't seem to have anything else to say. Don't let them bother you. Their strong words are not meant in spite, but jealousy that they don't have the same determintation and heart that you have. You and I have talked. I know you're gonna make it and when you do, they'll be kissing your backside.
    Do you have a definite date yet?

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    LMAO @ you ktriplett. Yer gettin' to be Hard Corps.

    Watch yer ass when ya hit boot, bud! LMAO. The DI's love that ****! LOL.

    I agree with what ya did. He had it comin'.

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    I'll be graduating high school about three weeks before turning 17. My parents won't even consider signing for me to go in as enlisted. They said if I want to go they'll support me in ROTC or a service academy to become an officer, but they wouldn't sign for me to ship to Parris Island. I don't want to wait until I'm 18 to start. My country needs me now ... at least soon. So I figured I'd work with what I had and shoot for the Naval Academy.

    Now I'm working hard to get to Annapolis and how do you think my parents are reacting? My dad randomly sings the song about the Navy and how you're stuck in the Navy, the government owns you, etc. My mom says that in the Marine Corps (and all branches of the military) I'll be giving up my freedom of thought. Apparently she thinks that structure means no one thinks.

    ...of course I get the, "You can't make it remarks," from just about everyone else as well. "How are you gonna lose 35 pounds?" "Do you know what it takes to be a Marine?" Oh, and my favorite one from my 17 year old cousin who just got out of JuV, "Jess, I've been away. You don't want to do it. You don't want people tellin' you what to do and when to do it and how to do it, too. I did it and let me tell ya, it was hell. I don't think you could make it through boot camp let alone four years of that at the Naval Academy! Stop bein' a silly little girl and do something like become a vet."

    So now the American public is comparing Marine training to prison ... interesting, eh?

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    Sounds like they are afraid you will accomplish something they were unwilling or unable to do them selves... and you'll be doing it without them - hopefully, once you do make it to the academy, they will be more supportive and proud of you and your determination. Stay on track, yer doin' fine....

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    Thank you, Sergeant. People's comments don't typically bother me. I tend to get a good laugh out of them.

    Sort of like in ktriplett's post:
    "Just today, someone had the audacity to tell me that I'm "a foolish, idiot kid making stupid, childish decisions" for joining the Marine Corps. When I asked him why he was working as a cashier at a second-rate grocery store at age 43, he didn't seem to have anything else to say. "

    At least I have a good sense of humor.

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    Well thanks for all your words bringing me more confidence...and 22devilpup...ever hear that Marines are just crazy and brainwashed....heres an idea....once you get home and all your family is around....all of a sudden you stare in one spot for a long time....till every notices and there all like what the hell? Once this occurs start freaking screaming, yelling, and chasing will be the fasted way to get every1 out of the house lol....and will be the funniest damn thing in your whole life seeing your whole family freak out running snd screaming cuase they think your going crazy and are going to kill them cousin (Former Marine) did wasent there...but i heard about we will all do fine, just keep your confidence up, and dont let any1 get you done....and remember once you get to boot....they break up down before they build you dont get stressed out...take it easy...later bros and sis's


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    OOOOHRAAAH!!!!! Stay motivated!! don't let some people that will never earn the title get you down. every poolee can make it if they just believe they can. no one can make you fail but you, and also no one can make you succeed but you. keep your eyes on the prize and you WILL earn the title.

    Semper Fi, To the Corps.
    Mark Rowan

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    want to really freak them out grab a towel and soap and run outside to take a shower in the rain. your family and friends will think you are nuts but you are not your a MARINE.
    goodluck you can do it. remember yes sir, no sir aye aye sir.
    wipe that smile off your face an't nothing funny here.And don't eyeball anyone.


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    So...uh...what's wrong with takin' a shower in the rain...

    ...except fer not gettin' a hot shower I mean?

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    22devilpup87: I had a friend that had a hard freshman year and was over weight. His sophomore year he decided to get his grades up and get in shape to try to get into the Naval Academy. Only his parents and those of us who were on the same weightlifting team as him believed in him, every one else told him it was a ridiculous idea and he couldn’t do it. Needless to say later that year he places third in the AAU Jr. Olympics for weightlifting and three years later guess where he is? Annapolis!!! I saw him for winter vacation and he says its very hard work but he loves it. Keep trying and go for it.

    Also, Ive been getting this a lot from people lately "You joined at the wrong time. You just gonna get shipped to Iraq and get killed" Any one else been getting that?

    I just say, "I joined at the perfect time to help my country and I wont get killed, I'll be doin the killin" they get a weird look on their face and shut up.

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