Onslow County residents will have a chance to tell officials want they want
to see from the Joint Land Use Study at a meeting Wednesday.
The study will look at land use and planning in areas bordering Camp
Lejeune. The area under consideration generally follows a mile-wide border
around the base, but it's wider in some parts of the county.
During the public meeting, at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the Onslow
County Health Department, the study consultant, LandDesign of Charlotte,
will explain the process of completing the research.
"We are at the infant stages of this right now," said Joe Ramirez, director
of training resource management at Camp Lejeune. "The initial public input
will be to just listen to their concerns, then to mitigate their concerns
during the Joint Land Use Study process."
Ramirez said it was important for people who might be affected by the study
to remain active.
"We are trying to keep the public as involved as we can at this point in
time," he said.
Bill Price, Onslow County planning director, said the consultant will show
citizens how the study will progress.
"The consultant, LandDesign, will be present to provide information on the
Joint Land use study process - how the consultant is going to go about it,
when the additional public forums are going to be held in the future here,
and what the expected outcomes and goals are of the study are," he said. "It
is going to be very much an information-sharing forum."
The Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment started the Joint
Land Use Study as a cooperative program between Camp Lejeune and the
surrounding communities to ensure that future growth in the community
remains compatible with the military's training and to seek ways to reduce
the impact of base operations on adjacent landowners